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Found 4 results

  1. I've been researching this topic for about three weeks, but I'm still very confused. What I'm trying to do is to add a menu item to an arbitrary, third- party applications title bar system menu and process user events relating to it. The main problem I'm having is that there appears to be a wealth of UDFs and other techniques to accomplish this, and I can't figure out which to concentrate on as a good solution. For example, I've looked closely at @BrewManNHB 's GUIRegisterMsg replacement for GUICtrlSetOnEvent and GUIGetMsg, and @LarsJJ 's stunning product GUIRegisterMsg20 UDF, as well as st
  2. Hey Guys, this is somewhat related to another post in here but my specific question was "answered" and so I thought I would make a new post that is referencing the same code, with slightly different issues. Problem 1 Setup: I am using a label docked to the main GUI to set the size of a child GUI. Issue: When I slowly drag the borders, I can see my green label kind of peeking out from behind the GUI, not a huge problem I guess. If I drag the border very quicky I can get the offset to be really big (200-300 pixels) ** Edit - I just realized that the child of the child GUI actually does n
  3. It's been requested in the past to have multithreading to which the response was "It would take too much redesigning of Autoit" but what about Async? Multithreading and Async are two different things. This way we could put tasks in the background without having to fork processes. Right? Also better event handling would be nice rather than throwing everything in a while loop we could have some functionality like javascript which seems to be far more responsive and reliable as the more you add to your while loop the less change there is of your "event" getting caught for some reason (At least in
  4. Hi folks, I've been happily abusing this forum resources (and many others as well) for over three years now to get stuff done in AutoIT3. I'm currently stuck at a point where i need to fake some sort of multithreading. I know AutoIT3 does not and will not support it, but if there only was a good way to tap into the full event trapping cycle of the AU3 engine, i could at least add in some of the routines that need a checkup. I figured so far that using the GuiOnEventMode and TrayOnEventMode should allow me to give me this opportunity, but unfortunately, it doesn't. I have extended the
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