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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I am trying to set Accelerator keys from an array. I select the KEY and CONTROL from a SQLite table, the Array looks like that generated for the Helpfile, but I can't get the CONTROLS to resolve... I though about Assign & Eval, but not sure if that's a step in the right direction. IsDeclared shows that the $var exists in Local Scope -1. Local $Main = GUICreate("Custom MsgBox", 225, 80) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Please select a button.", 10, 10) Local $idButton_Yes = GUICtrlCreateButton("Yes", 10, 50, 65, 25) Local $idButton_N
  2. So I'm working on an application and I've hot keyed all the numbers, and for some reason this particular combination doesn't work. All the other numbers with Ctrl+Shift work fine, and all other combinations of modifiers work with 0. Has anyone else encountered this? It's very strange. Guicreate('', 300, 300) $button = GUICtrlCreateButton('Button', 0, 0) Dim $accel = [ [ '^+0', $button ] ] GUIsetaccelerators($accel) Do $gm = guigetmsg()  If $gm = $button then msgbox(0,'','test') Until $gm = - 3 Sorry for the ugly code, i typed
  3. I have a script that traps ^A and ^C accelerator keys via the GUISetAccelerators() function, and in the key handlers, I check to see if the focus is on the control that I want the keys to operate on. However, when I see that I'm not on that control, I want to pass the ^C and ^A back to the system so I can copy and past data on other controls. Here is my test script. I have it applying ^A and ^C only to the ListView control. When I put focus on the Input control, I want to be able to copy and paste normally. Opt("GUICloseOnESC", 1) ; ESC does not close the GUI Opt(&q
  4. ;Adding $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON doesn't work $idCopy_Data = GUICtrlCreateButton("Copy Data Only", $iButtonWidth_2, $aiGUISize[1] - $iButtonMargin, $iButtonWidth_2, 20, $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON) ;Adding these two lines doesn't work either Local $aAccelKeys[2][2] = [["{enter}", $idCopy_Data], ["^{enter}", $idCopy_ID]] GUISetAccelerators($aAccelKeys)
  5. Hello everyone, I am trying to setup a GUI accelerator to close the utility as soon as esc is pressed. It works fine with hotkey but I want to make sure that the utility only exits if its window was active when esc was pressed. My utility has 2 buttons, Backup and Restore. The exit function checks if the button clicked was Backup or Restore and then displays an error message accordingly. If pressed backup, $button = 1 if pressed restore, $button = 2 the value of $button is set inside backup() or restore() functions Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1) Opt("GU
  6. Hi All Question, the Help file contains this: So, is it necessary to put GUISetAccelerators(0) ; Remove accelerator link in the GUI? Once the GUI is deleted, the Accelerators are gone...? Enter like tab discussion contains this item. Is it essential?
  7. Hi all, I know GUISetAccelerators() function is helpful to set a hotkey for my GUI. But which function should i use for setting a hotkey for a specific control only. Say, i have 3 Textboxes and a button in my form. I want to display a msg box when i press the enter key while keyboard focus is in the first textbox. When i used GUISetAccelerators function, it is firing the event regardless the focuds of the control.
  8. I have a GUI with several input boxes and I want to trap the ENTER key so I can call handlers for each one. However, when I put in a HotKeySet() to trap the ENTER key, it traps it OK, but I also get traps when I press the ENTER key anywhere else on my desktop, no matter what GUI has focus, so I changed the code to use GUISetAccelerators(). I cannot see how to attach a handler for the ENTER key for each of my input controls. My real script uses event mode (Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)), so that's what I'm using in my test code. Here is my test code: #NoTrayIcon #Region ;**** Directives cre
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