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Found 4 results

  1. I am using this code to Download a file I don't know correct way of checking error during downloading Global $DownloadStatus = InetGet($url, $fileName, Default, $INET_DOWNLOADBACKGROUND) While 1 $ArrayOFDownloadStatuts = InetGetInfo($DownloadStatus) If Not $ArrayOFDownloadStatuts[4] = 0 Then MsgBox(0,"Error","Error During Downloading") ExitLoop EndIf If $ArrayOFDownloadStatuts[2] Then MsgBox(0,"","Compelted") ExitLoop EndIf WEnd I am using that code but don't know why it gives error during downloading the file
  2. Hi. where can I find information about INET_DOWNLOADERROR arbitrary return value? I don't want to look Autoit Internally EDIT: I've checked internally. Errors come from Autoit Internal (maybe Constants I think) base on InternetReadFile+HttpSendRequest and Path verification... Saludos
  3. Prior to posting this question, I have experimented with using FileExists, InetGetInfo and InetGet/InetClose functions to test downloading files into my application folder, in case if my file did not already exist. In my case, I was able to pinpoint to a very specific web address, eg.) https://dropbox.com, etc. and then check/download the file. Now my question is, instead of checking from a hardcoded URL, is it possible to: 1. Do a check against the IP address of a remote computer, eg.) my friend's or colleague's desktop computer 2. After checking the IP address if valid and can be conne
  4. This is unrelated to the topic I posted earlier today. I'm using inetget to retrieve a file online. sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn''t work but inetgetinfo gives a non-zero error number. Atleast I have an idea about what went wrong in that case. However, the most confusing of all is I sometimes get no error message but the file does not appear in my target directory. my code is pasted below: $i=99999 $keyword = "amazon" $hDownload = InetGet("http://www.google.com/trends/fetchComponent?q=" & $keyword & "&geo=US&cid=TIMESERIES_GRAPH_0&export=3&date=toda
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