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Found 5 results

  1. I am attempting to drag and drop a file from one windows explorer window to another windows explorer window (henceforth referred to as window1 and window2). I am not using the web. I have used autowinexp.au3 (taken from LarsJ's automatewindowsexplorer.au3) to give focus (function GetFileFocus) to a file on window1. The problem is that sometimes the file with the focus is not displayed on window1 because it is farther down the list than what is displayed in window1. There are other ways to accomplish this (like copy and paste) but I want to emulate the GUI doing a drag and drop. I work a
  2. I left a comment in another thread on multitouch, but my question can be missed there and the solution might have no relationship with simulating multi-touch. So, is there any possibility to get the multiple x,y coordinates on a multi-touch device? Smth like mousegetpos, but multiple (?) Thank you for any idea / direction towards a solution.
  3. Hello There! I've encountered a small issue i just cant seem to program my way out of... What im doing is: ;or rather, what im trying to do is Pixelsearch for a color, within a part of my screen, If color is present, i will rightclick it, for a menu to appear, in which i want to Leftclick an option. Simplicity itself. The issue is that because this menu appears in different parts of my screen, its complicated to select the option i want to click. There is no special color to it, and i cannot define the area in which to click, because the menu appears different pl
  4. How would i go about saving a mouse position into a variable, atm i have this but im really not sure if its the proper way to do it Im still very new to this Global $xyLocation = MouseGetPos() $Start_Exit_GUI = GUICreate("EXAMPLE", 228, 194, 398, 222) GUISetBkColor(0x0000FF) $Loc_Button = GUICtrlCreateButton("GET LOCATION", 0, 0, 227, 89, $WS_GROUP) GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 28, 400, 0, "Absolute Zero") $Exit_Button = GUICtrlCreateButton("EXIT", 0, 96, 227, 97, $WS_GROUP) GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 28, 400, 0, "Absolute Zero") While 1
  5. Hi guys, i have some problem with this script: #include <Misc.au3> Test() Func Test() Local $Position = MouseGetPos() While Not _IsPressed("1B") ; ESC button $Final = MouseGetPos() $LeftSX = @DesktopWidth/4 $Top = @DesktopHeight/4 TrayTip("", "Top: " & $Top & @CRLF & "Left:" & $LeftSX & @CRLF & "FinalPosition: " & $Final[0], "") If _IsPressed("01") Then If $Final[0] <= $LeftSX AND $Final[0] <= $Top Then MsgBox(0, 0, "Test") EndIf EndIf Sleep(100) WEnd Return Sleep(1000) EndFunc ;==>Test I want to set two areas ( one on lef
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