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Found 1 result

  1. Runner is general purpose event trigger system structured for expandability - Triggers - (Almost) any keyboard or mouse button combinations pressed from (almost) anywhere during a Windows session- The current system time can trigger a event (see limitations)- Macros can sample variables from Windows, or file system then react to comparison. So if a macro is running, it can also be an event trigger.- Events- Run/open a file path or command line drag and drop (browse on 64bit operating systems) music/picture/any folders, or programs [*]- Launch a url in default browser[*]- The basic media functions can be assigned as hotkey functions media back, forwardplay, pause, stopsystem volume -, +Runner can be set to play music files internally meaning no external app will be launched and interrupt your computer experienceinternally playing music:controlled by play, pause, and stop Runner media optionsplaylists are not yet built into the internal Runner media playerthere is no gui for the player [*]- Computer voice output custom data with fully customizable voice narratorspeak the time of day [*]- Start your custom macros- Macros, a list of (almost) unlimited commands create your custom macros with 39 command types (expandable)commands are configurable with variable and constant data programmable by the userCommand types include: sending keystrokes to focused application, or window title control_idmove/click the mouse, or window title control_idrun file paths or command line stringssave specified screen area to incrementing filecall other saved macrostarget, move, set window mode, of window titlesacquire variables, return values to udv (User Defined Variable) return mouse_x and yreturn pixel colors, int, hex, r, g, breturn a window title’s position (x, y)return contents of clipboardreturn a specified file line or whole filevariables can be used in almost any logical macro commandI could be here for the next week. I’m pretty sure this is useful, and easy enough for anyone to use. Runner is looking for users. I will always offer free keys to forum members joining before 2012. Tell me the user_number songersoft has assigned you and I will send back a key code that will enable Runner forever. (use the forum mail) If Runner doesn't detect a valid license key (at startup). It requests you to submit some hardware information to songersoft.com. This information is required to log your 30 trail and provide you with a unique key. songersoft.com does not collect any personal information about you or what you do with the software. Basically this is all traceable back to me, I have Songersoft LLC and website. My goal was to write useful software that the world could use. In order to put time into it, I need a return profit. That means I need to maintain a reputable reputation as a trustworthy software provider and not goto jail for doing shady things. All clear? If you have a license key. Runner operates without an internet connection. I am a programmer and I like this forum very much. If you're in bad standing with this forum or compromise my member status I cannot help you. If you are thinking about making a post read the forum rules, if your post violates the rules you will not get help from me if you post it. More about Runner on the download page: http://www.songersoft.com/runner/runner_about/runner_about.html ‘toggel audio device win_XP', macro create and edit example preview (video coming soon) This post has been modified for completeness
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