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Found 1 result

  1. I have been working on rewriting the GUIToolTip UDF that comes standard with AutoIt3. Most of the work has involved removing all instances of "magic" numbers and creating working examples for the help file. I have also rewritten most of the ToolTip function entries in the help file to better explain how they work, and how to use them. The original UDF worked well for the most part, but unfortunately there were no examples in the help file and the descriptions for the functions and/or what they did was sorely lacking. Attached is an archive that contains the updated GUIToolTip.au3 UDF, the ToolTipConstants.au3 file, the updated help file entries for the functions, and example scripts for as many of the UDF's functions that I could get working. There is also a script breaking changes document in the archive that describes what was changed and how it will affect any scripts written to use the functions previously. As of this writing, I can almost guarantee that if you have a script that used the original UDF it will NOT work with this one. By that I don't mean it won't work well, I mean it won't work at all, so make sure you read the script breaking changes information. There are some functions in the original UDF that I couldn't get working even with the rewrite, mostly that is because I lack the knowledge necessary to make them work, or they just don't work as written and I can't tell the difference. Any of the functions that don't have example scripts in the help file entries I couldn't get to work, except for the function _GUIToolTip_ToolToArray, which appears to be mostly used as an internal function but I left it as is in case someone ever used it for a script. The new UDF removes the function _GUIToolTip_TTFToBits as it is no longer needed for anything and adds a new function called _GUIToolTip_Deactivate. Please look over the functions, the examples, and the help file entries and give some feedback as to what can be improved, changed, removed etc. Also, please take a look at the functions that I couldn't make work and let me know if you can get them working and an example showing what it does and how it should work. The more eyes looking at this the better it will be in the end. Thanks. GUIToolTip.zip
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