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Found 2 results

  1. I've searched the AutoIt.chm file and I can't seem to find information on WildCards like this help file suggests. Am I missing something? _FileListToArray ... $sFilter - [optional] the filter to use, default is *. Search the AutoIt3 helpfile for the word "WildCards" For details. ...
  2. _DOSWildcardsToPCRegEx

    _DOSWildcardsToPCRegEx (+GUI) While I've posted an earlier version of this elsewhere (I will redirect to here don't worry), I figured I might as well provide a GUI interface to expose what this function does and returns, and allow its results to be copied/pasted elsewhere (like to AgentRansack, a free file-search tool supporting PC Regular Exp​ressions). So here you'll find both the GUI interface and the UDF itself. What it does: Takes a DOS wildcard exp​ression (ex: '*.*','*.jp*g','logfiles.l?g') and converts it into a PC Regular Exp​ression. This function in its original form, _FileMatch() was originally created by RobSaunders. I altered it a bit so that it will match files just as a 'Dir' command would. It has the potential to be used for other types of comparisons as well, but you'll need to understand that it's results will probably need to be tweaked for whatever your intentions are. If you'd like to experiment with it's results, you can try using the String Regular Exp​ression Tester (by Szhlopp), the RecursiveFileSearch (#1 version) (by WeaponX) function (which is the reason I initially worked on it), or like mentioned above, AgentRansack, a free file-search tool. GUI interface included that does the work for you! Download the ZIP at my Site Ascend4nt's AutoIT Code License agreement: While I provide this source code freely, if you do use the code in your projects, all I ask is that: If you provide source, keep the header as I have put it, OR, if you expand it, then at least acknowledge me as the original author, and any other authors I creditIf the program is released, acknowledge me in your credits (it doesn't have to state which functions came from me, though again if the source is provided - see #1)The source on it's own (as opposed to part of a project) can not be posted unless a link to the page(s) where the code were retrieved from is provided and a message stating that the latest updates will be available on the page(s) linked to.Pieces of the code can however be discussed on the threads where Ascend4nt has posted the code without worrying about further linking.