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Found 2 results

  1. Pasted below is a short, simple AutoIt script that I wrote to test TCP control of Zoom Player Max (ZP) . The functions available are at this link. May it help someone in the future. Thank you to BrewManNH and TheSaint for their help in other threads I started. ;simple AutoIt script for controlling Zoom Player via TCP HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate") ;ESC to bail out ;these will be used when I open the TCP socket $ip = "" $port = "4769" ;start TCP service TCPStartup() ;open TCP socket and see if it was successful $socket = TCPConnect( $ip, $port ) If $Socket = -1 Then MsgBox(4096,"Error","Failed to connect to ZP via TCP on localhost at port 4769.") Terminate() EndIf ;now loop, presenting Text Input prompt for user to enter a ZP function and optional parameters. while 1 ;text entry prompt with Cancel button $msg = InputBox("ZP TCP Controller","Enter text to send via TCP (default is play). Or Cancel to exit.): ", "5100 fnPlay" & @CRLF) if @error = 1 then Terminate() ;@CRLF needed at end of text to be sent! $msg = $msg & @CRLF ;the rubber meets the road here $send = TCPSend($socket, $msg) WEnd Terminate() Func Terminate() ;process ESC key and close TCP TCPCloseSocket($socket) TCPShutdown() Exit 0 EndFunc If anyone wants to add the ability to receive responses from Zoom Player I would welcome the addition. Here's a link to a very clear explanation of communicating via TCP with ZP via Autohotkey, including receiving the info ZP sends back up the pipe. Also, here's a link to download a neat TCP testing tool written in Delphi for the ZP community. Zoom Player is a great video player in my opinion, with inspiring depth AND incredible documentation.
  2. I had no problem controlling BS.Player Pro with an AutoIt script, but I could not get BSPP to jump to next chapter/bookmark in any video files so I've switched to Zoom Player Max. Now I find that several of AutoIt's common window functions that were working fine previously do not work with ZPM. For example, WinGetPos delivers totally invalid information about the ZPM window (ZPM is in F7 "video window only" mode, but then so was BSPP). WinClose fails to work. I try to use HWNDS (Handles) to refer to ZPM but no functions work properly if I use it. Even the Title fetched by WinGetTitle is useless in subsequent functions. About the only thing that works in this area is setting WinTitleMatchModet to 1 and referring to ZPM as "Zoom Player" in functions like WinWaitActive, etc. Even then not all functions work with ZPM. I really miss the ability to use WinGetPos to get info about ZPM's position and size, though -- that's a killer. Do any readers here have experience controlling Zoom Player with AutoIt? ZPM has MANY settings so I'm hoping one of them is causing the incompatibility. Thank you.
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