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Found 6 results

  1. Attempting to extract data from CSV file to display in _ExtMsgBox, sometimes it works fine but mostly it fails with Error: 3 - File lines have different numbers of fields (only if $FRTA_INTARRAYS flag not set) I have tried all the available $iFlags combinations without success. The CSV file format is fixed for any data collected, sample attached. The two CSV MsgBox() show correct file name $sText = "" Global $aLines, $fFile, $fLine, $fFcopy $fFile = FileOpen ( "QuickPlotData.dat", 0 ) ; find current CSV file $fLine = FileReadLine ( $f
  2. I figure there must be a reason for _FileReadToArray to exist when FileReadToArray can already read an entire text file into an array, but I don't understand the _FileReadToArray examples in the Help File. The threads about _FileReadToArray here in the forum all seem to end up using StringSplit to work with delimiters, yet _FileReadToArray has some sort of built-in delimiter capability. Here's where I was hoping _FileReadToArray might be applicable. Let's assume the text file I wish to read into my script is like this: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras
  3. CSV1: "Index","Name","Home Address","Last Love" "1","Rola Takizawa","Nữ hoàng, Nga Nhật","24/04/2016 22:37:00 PM" "2","Saori Hara","Hình Ảnh Nóng, Đức Nhật","21/03/2016 21:07:00 PM" "3","Ozawa","phổ biến nhất","23/04/2016 23:31:00 PM" "3","Akiho Ameri Ichinose","Kanagawa, Ameri, Ichinose","22/04/2016 21:50:00 PM" CSV2: Index,Name,Home Address,Last Love
  4. Hi everyone. New guy here. I'm still learning this awesome language and I'm unable to figure this one out from google searches. Heres my problem: I'm working on a small application to help users in my environment connect to wireless projectors. To keep this easily updated with new projectors I'm reading the room names and IP addresses from a csv file and putting them into a 2D array. (MeetingRoom1,xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) So far I'm able to read the 0 column and display the room names in a combo box. Where I am stuck is how to take the user's room selection from the gui and associate it with an IP add
  5. Hi guys, I'm either going crazy or AutoIT is.. Basically I need to get to the parent folder of @scriptdir, to do that, I used: $parentFolder=StringLeft(@ScriptDir, StringInStr(@ScriptDir, "\", 0, -1)) So far, all good. When I use MsgBox to show $parentfolder, I'm indeed able to see the folder above @scriptdir. Now, I've added a subfolderfile to the string with: $PPID_Bulk_Big_printers_csv_path=$parentFolder&'Printers\printers_PPID_Big.csv' And also here, all fine, MsgBox shows me the file location correctly. Now, for some weird reason, $PPID_Bulk_Big_printers_csv_path changes a
  6. Hello scripters i got another problem reading all lines in txt file except the last one. I dont want to write how many lines to read just reading all except the last whatever how many it is. My efforts: #include <file.au3> $file = @ScriptDir & "\x.txt" $ReadLines = FileReadLine($file) Local $Read _FileReadToArray($file, $Read) For $i = 1 To $Read - 1 ; with-1 or without-1 the result is the same MsgBox(0, $i, $Read - 1) Next Question here: "Why first msgbox title is "1" ? and how can i avoid that?" #include <file.au3> $file = @ScriptDir & "\x.txt" $ReadLines = Fi
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