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Found 6 results

  1. Im creating a tab Global $Tab1 = GUICtrlCreateTab(30, 30, 600, 420, $TCS_BUTTONS, -1) And what we see in the function reference: https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions/GUICtrlCreateTab.htm GUICtrlCreateTab ( left, top [, width [, height [, style = -1 [, exStyle = -1]]]] ) ok in 5 arg I got $TCS_BUTTONS But How can I use multiple args like this below Global $Tab1 = GUICtrlCreateTab(30, 30, 600, 420, [$TCS_BUTTONS, $TCS_MULTILINE], -1)
  2. If I am using a RunWait command to launch a batch file from within an AutoIt script, how can I pass a variable to said batch file so that the batch file can utilize said variable like in a %var% format? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello all! I'm trying to make a little script that sends a message over TCP. An example payload would be: MY_PAYLOAD#<ATTRS><ATTR><NAME>MAILSERVER</NAME><OPERATION>set_value(ServiceStatus)</OPERATION><VALUE><![CDATA["Not Running"]]></VALUE><TIMESTAMP>1349297031</TIMESTAMP></ATTR></ATTRS>Note how the payload contains special characters, and how the CDATA contains a SPACE (i.e. "Not Running") My compiled AU3 script expects exactly two command line arguments: 1) destination server/port expressed as 2) the payload I want to send to my server application (which may have multiple ATTRs, this example only has one ATTR) MyApp.exe "MY_PAYLOAD#<ATTRS><ATTR><NAME>MAILSERVER</NAME><OPERATION>set_value(ServiceStatus)</OPERATION><VALUE><![CDATA["Not Running"]]></VALUE><TIMESTAMP>1349297031</TIMESTAMP></ATTR></ATTRS>" My problems (plural) are with parsing of the second argument: 1) If I don't wrap second argument in double-quotes, then Windows bails out before even launching EXE with "< was unexpected at this time" 2) If I DO wrap second argument in double-quotes, then two problems can arise when my EXE parses the arguments: aa) The double-quotes are stripped from the CDATA value. ["Running"] is stored in the array as [Running] bb) If CDATA value DOES have a space, such as ["Not Running"], then I get an extra unwanted $CmdLine[3] because the SPACE between Not and Running is treated as a separator. My second argument is thus split into two separate arguments, [2] and [3] instead of being treated as one arg stored in [2] cc) Additionally, my script exits because it has an "IF $CmdLine[0] <>2 THEN Exit (1)" to validate the command line args. I've tried launching the EXE with the second argument wrapped and escaped in a multitude of ways. Double double-quotes, triple double-quotes, single-quotes on the outside with double-quotes inside (i.e. '"ETC"'), starting the second arg with a caret (i.e. ^"ETC") and one of three things happens: 1) "< was unexpected at this time" 2) my CDATA value is stripped of its double-quotes 3) my payload argument gets split at the space in the CDATA value and the script bails out due to the unexpected 3rd argument. Any ideas? How can I preserve the second argument literally, including all special characters, quotes and spaces? I tried adding some string manipulation code to grab the 2nd argument from $CmdLineRaw and it works (preserves the "Not Running" with quotes), but my number of arguments is still 3 instead of 2 if there is a space in the CDATA value. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I need to write a code in which I am reading a text file which is of .vbs format and in that a line contains function signature like below Function CreateEnvironmentVariable($sType, $sName, $sValue, $bOverwrite) If the string is in above format, then I need to check number of arguments in it. For in above case it should return 4. Can anyone help me on this.
  5. The best example is MouseClick, where you have MouseClick($Button, [$x, $y, [..........]]) Where if X is set, Y must be set too. I do know how to make it so that X and Y are optional, but I am not sure how to get Y mandatory if X is set. I did check the help, but didn't see anything there. Thanks in advance
  6. I Compile this: #include <Array.au3> #include <WinAPIShPath.au3> Local $aData = _WinAPI_CommandLineToArgv('"a b" c d') _ArrayDisplay($aData, '_WinAPI_CommandLineToArgv') Pass commandline arguments with cmd and I get this: Thanks in advance
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