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Found 2 results

  1. Something simple enough, and I am sure it's an oversight, but I have not been able to track this down. The entire script is attached, but here is the point of failure. Note: I am getting the "Error: subscript used on non-accessible variable" but I thought the initial line of: AutoItSetOption('MouseCoordMode', 0) Should address that issue? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ; Install updates (minimized and updating for many minutes) ; Updates Not Installed Screen ; Wait for updates to complete WinWait("ProSeries Update") ; Wait just over 9 minutes to ensure popup is ready (test alternative to WinWait) Sleep(550000) ; Set focus on Product Licenses window WinActivate("ProSeries Update") ; Send Mouse Click to Install Now button MouseClick ( "left" [, 581, 362 [, clicks = 1 [, speed = 10]]] ) ; end Installing Updates screen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks for any insights! c1one ProSeries2017_No_Customer_Info.au3
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get the value of WinTitleMatchMode so i checked the help file, and it says "If the param is not provided, then the function just returns the value already assigned to the option." So i'm running this line in SciTE AutoItSetOption( "WinTitleMatchMode" ) And am checking the output, but the only output i'm getting is What am i doing wrong? I'm trying to set it that it should do exact match on titles, but i want to see first what is the current setting. Thanks in advance!
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