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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I'm trying to automate the install of a specific networking device. All goes well, I can install the driver on both Windows 7 & 10, rescan for hardware, set the IP-settings and all, but there's one issue. In Windows 10, I can disable all connection protocols using Powershell, but Windows 7 does not offer this Powershell-Cmdlet. So I programmed a way (two years ago) to let AutoIt open the network-adapter properties and then deselect all checkboxes except for the TCP/IP-V4. I recovered this snippet somewhere in my old files and tried to reintegrate this into my latest script, bu
  2. Case $RNCheck If GUICtrlRead( $RNCheck) =1 Then GUICtrlSetState( $RN1outs, 1) GUICtrlSetState( $RN2outs, 1) GUICtrlSetState( $RN3outs, 1) GUICtrlSetState( $RN4outs, 1) GUICtrlSetState( $RN5outs, 1);Set RNode Outputs 1-5 to 1(Checked) EndIf In my Gui I have groups of check boxes with a separate one that says "Check ALL" that checks all of them within its group. What I was wondering is if there is a way to make it so that if Any of the other checkboxes in the group are unchecked it unchecks the "Check ALL" box?
  3. Hey Guys, So, the functions work, where primarygui() accurately determines the evaluation of the status of the checkboxes - the msgbox picks this up. However, later on, when we re-enter a 'for $i = 0 to ubound($checkbox)' loop, then in the 'batchinitial' function it doesn't picked up that the status&$i = 1, so it jumps out, then within the While 1 loop, it exits the loop in the first row, again because the status& $i= 0 The "assign" line within the primarygui funtion, is this only a local assignment? if so, how can I make it cross function? Than
  4. Hi everyone Hope you're doing great. Well, I'm writing a script that allows our Service Desk to clean several temp folder as a first diagnostic. Indeed, the agent in charge of the issue will have to choose what to clean (web browsers temp folders, some windows one etc...) I added a progress bar to see the current state of the script but if I select more than one checkbox, it seems that the counting is not done properly and is directly filled at 100% (when at leat 2 boxes are checked) and I don"t get the final message saying that all is done, especially for if the last box is
  5. Hi everyone, I'm currently writing a script that will execute some Robocopy batches among what has been ticked by the Technician. The script is divided in two files (the main & the functions) but the thing is that I have to write multiple lines for all controls, as you can see in the functions file. 1- Is there a way to shorten this? 2- To avoid writing bunch of lines to check whether checkboxes are checked and to lunch appropriate bat, is there also a way to go quicker when clicking on the submit button? (will be implemented in the SubmitCopyChoice() Function) Thanks guys for all the hel
  6. Hi All! I got a bit of a problem. I need to check some checkboxes on a site, wich I can't seem to do (using _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect & _IEAction). I can't even seem to get back the value of the checkboxes. (using _IEFormElementGetValue). Since I can't get the info I need straight from the Page Source, I use _IETagNameAllGetCollection, and then sift my way through the mess it returns! So far I have been succesfull in finding and manipulating buttons, textarea's, some tables, and dropdown select boxes on the site. All of them using the _IEFormElementGett & Set Value function
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