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Found 3 results

  1. Developers, can anyone explain this phenomenon to me? Run this code and wait for nothing without doing a few minutes and you will start receiving randomly, either one or the second message. But none of them should never appear on the logic of the code! As I understand sometimes the function ClipGet () returns an empty value. Why is this happening? Dim $ClipGetText ClipPut("12345") While 1 Sleep(5) ;reduced to 5 to better see the problem if ClipGet()<>$ClipGetText And ClipGet()<>"" Then $ClipGetText=ClipGet() Beep(800,100) ConsoleWrite(ClipGet()&"|"&$ClipGetText&@CRLF) ElseIf ClipGet()="" Then Beep(800,100) ConsoleWrite("Empty"&@CRLF) EndIf WEnd
  2. hello I have problem with ClipGet () function: If the clipboard contains a large amount of data the use of the function pushes the consumption of cpu resources to 100% and my script unresponds until I force it to end. I tried to work around the problem by limiting the size of the recovered data from the clipboard Local = $ClipBoardData = StringMid(ClipGet (), 1.1024) I also used: DllCall ("psapi.dll", "int", "EmptyWorkingSet", "long", -1) to free the memory after each call to ClipGet ()
  3. Hi everyone! I recently started working after college and we use a lot of excel. As I was searching for ways to improve efficiency I came across AutoIt, so I decided to learn. I've put in some hours of reading through the search function on the website and the AutoIt library for my issue, but I cannot seem to find my answer and I am having trouble understanding some stuff. What I am trying to do is get AutoIt to paste a string into several different boxes. I want the script to know that each '-' in the copied text it should press tab and skip past the '-' and paste/type the following numbers. Here's an example of the text I will copy and press a F5 (eventually set up a hotkey) to run the script: 0123-456-7891-01112131-000-1234-456 Here's my code so far: (Btw, I know the ending of the code doesn't make sense, I was editing it and what not, it's just that I don't know how to efficiently use the clipget() and stringsplit() functions. #RequireAdmin AutoItSetOption('MouseCoordMode',0) WinWait('Oracle Applications - XXXX Production') WinActivate('Oracle Applications - XXXX Production') MouseClick('primary', 38, 408, 2, 0) StringSplit(ClipGet(),"-") Send("{TAB}") Send(ClipGet()) I would like to paste it in the box in the attached picture. Even if there is not a way for autoit to skip past the '-' I can just copy the entire string without the '-' and I would like autoit to paste the first 4, then press tab, paste the next 3, press tab, etc etc. Any of those methods work. Thank you for taking the time to read through this and attempting to responding!
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