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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys ! I made a script which monitor some chosen folders (create/delete/modify), and log this in a file. FolderMonitor, It works well. I made a similar script, which monitor some specific registry entry, and log activities. It works well. RegistryMonitor. > I simply use the script from the help file on https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/libfunctions/_WinAPI_RegNotifyChangeKeyValue.htm In fact i am creating an antivirus like, will alert me on possibly dangerous activities on my computers. ( yeah i broke my leg last week, i got time .. Question : > How to make a script which run simultaneous action without being blocked in a while loop ? Because i only make script in which detection is in a while loop. And these actions doesn't need any gui. If i compile my FolderMonitor, and my RegistryMonitor, i can start my exe files from another Main script with no problem, but it make as exe file as function for my script. It does'nt seems to be a beautiful way. Is there another way of coding that ? let's imagine a script with different modules (monitoring the addition of extension in web browsers...) Thanks for advice ! Nicolas.
  2. Hello, I've noticed that all the included examples uses a variable practice like so: $sWow64 (string) $hImage (handle) For $iY = 0 To $iH - 1 (integers) and so on... Which seems to be a nice practice in general. I'm wondering if there's any list of all the data types, and how they are/can/should be used when it comes to naming variables? Or quality discussions on this specific area regarding coding standards. For example, I'm not yet sure what data type $tSomething means (an example from the help file states: "a variable for use with DllStruct calls" which isn't that clear to me)
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