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Found 1 result

  1. Recently, I was getting bored because of quarantine. So I thought maybe let's do some AutoIt. I recently discovered that you can use the command prompt to run autoit scripts with CmdLine, so I was excited to use it for the first time. I wanted to make a program which "creates" a 2nd clipboard. So this is how it should work. - I open cmd - I type in "filename.au3 [the words that i want to copy]" - I press enter - It creates a hotkey to paste the copied word - It does an empty while loop so it doesn't immediately exit - To exit the script, I type in "filename.au3 exit". But "filename.au3 exit" doesn't work so I have to manually click on the tray icon which is not what I wanted. I'm fairly new to AutoIt so I don't really know how things work. Sorry if my English is horrible, it isn't my native language. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Global Const $g_iProfileDir = @UserProfileDir & "\" Global Const $g_iProgDir = @UserProfileDir & "\Clipify 2.0\" ;dir path Global Const $g_iIniFile = $g_iProgDir & "config.ini" ;ini file path DirCreate($g_iProgDir) Local $iIniRead = IniRead($g_iIniFile, "Setup", "IfExists", "NOEXIST") ; checks if the ini file exists If $iIniRead = "NOEXIST" Then     IniWrite($g_iIniFile, "Setup", "IfExists", "1")     FileMove(@ScriptFullPath, $g_iProfileDir & @ScriptName) ; if it doesn't exist, it'll create the ini file and move the script to the user directory so you don't have to put the entire file path Else     Select         Case $CmdLine[0] = ""             ToolTip("")         Case $CmdLine[1] <> "Exit"             HotKeySet("{TAB}", "_Clip2")             HotKeySet("`", "_Exit")             While 1             WEnd         Case $CmdLine[1] = "Exit"             Local $aProcessList = ProcessList(@AutoItPID)             For $i = 1 To $aProcessList[0][0]                 ProcessClose($aProcessList[$i][1])             Next         Case Else ; if it has more than 2 parameters it will automatically exit             Exit     EndSelect EndIf Func _Clip2()     Send($CmdLine[1]) EndFunc   ;==>_Clip2 Func _Exit()     Exit EndFunc   ;==>_Exit
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