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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all. I have a question about XML parsing and xpath. I am extremely new to both so apologies if this is a basic question. I did search the forum and this link on w3schools as well as the MSDN documentation. I was working from (which was extemely helpful). Here is my problem: I can find a specific named node and then get some info from it which I need. However, I am having trouble finding that node with an alternative approach using "contains" to search for any node that contains a subset of the tag name. Here is the problem in code-speak: #Include #Include $oXML=ObjCreate("Microsoft.XMLDOM") $DirInput =@ScriptDir $FileInput = "in-20120401.xml" $sXmlFile =$DirInput & "\" & $FileInput $oXML.load($sXmlFile) $searchTerm="us-gaap:DeferredRevenueCurrent"; $XmlRootPath = "//"&$searchTerm ; ;LOOKING TO REPLICATE THIS RESULT USING CONTAINS FUNCTION: ;$searchTerm="us-gaap:DeferredRevenueCurrent"; ;$XmlRootPath = "//"&$searchTerm ;dim $result2=$oXML.selectNodes($XmlRootPath) ;THE ABOVE WORKS ... BUT I CAN'T "FIND" IT USING CONTAINS as below dim $result2=$oXML.selectNodes("//*[contains(.,'DeferredRevenueCurrent')]") func _advancedQuery() dim $xpathresult For $xpathresult In $result2 ConsoleWrite($xpathresult.nodeName&@CRLF) Next EndFunc _advancedQuery() I am also attaching the XML file that I am using. Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. in-20120401.xml
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