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Found 1 result

  1. I'm working with two csv files that I'm parsing into two arrays. I'm then comparing them to find the duplication and remove them from the first array. This works great on 100 or so records, but I'm trying to compare arrays with more than 70,000 records so I wanted to add in a loading bar so I can tell how far/how much longer it will take. This is my code: ProgressSet(0,0&"%","Checking already searched") $aProcess = _ParseCSV($oOutfile,"|","",0) $aAlreadyChecked = _ParseCSV($AlreadyProcessed,"|","",0) For $a = UBound($aProcess) -1 to 0 Step -1 for $b = 0 to UBound($aAlreadyChecked) -1 if $aProcess[$a][0] = $aAlreadyChecked[$b][0] Then _ArrayDelete($aProcess, $a) MsgBox(0,"",($a-UBound($aProcess)) & @TAB & $b) ProgressSet(($b/$a),Round($b/$a)&"%","Cleaning up") ExitLoop EndIf Next Next I cannot get the percentage logic to show anything that seems rational or accurate. Does anyone know of a more efficient way of doing this or how to fix the progressset to actually show how far in the process it already is?
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