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Found 1 result

  1. OK I have a snip-it of code that worked fine until I attempted to use it in my main script. I have determined that the issues are from permissions and I am looking to see if there is an option for DirCopy to allow it to respond yes to any prompts since I have already setup everything around DirCopy it would save me a bit of time. Here is the snip-it: Func _Dir_Copy_Progress($sSourceFolder, $sDestFolder) Local $ipct DirRemove($sDestFolder, 1) Local $iSourceSize = DirGetSize($sSourceFolder), $iDestSize Local $pid = Run(@AutoItExe & ' /AutoIt3ExecuteLine "DirCopy(''' & $sSourceFolder & ''', ''' & $sDestFolder & ''')"') ProgressOn("Copy Progress", "Please Wait...") Do $iDestSize = DirGetSize($sDestFolder) $ipct = Int(($iDestSize / $iSourceSize) * 100) ProgressSet($ipct, $ipct & ' percent complete') Sleep(20) Until Not ProcessExists($pid) ProgressOff() EndFunc ;==>_Dir_Copy_Progress Since I have determined that this is a local windows client issue I am tempted to just create a function to take ownership of the local directory so that it doesn't prompt but was looking for the most efficient path first. Thanks for any assistance...
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