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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I wrote a small AutoIt App which takes DOS formatted textfiles and forwards them to MS Word. I searched a lot for a programm which does this, but I didn't find one. The reason for it is an old DOS program, which is used a lot, even today. The user wanted to print the output of that programm with some other font-size, font-style and so on... We used WinPrint, but this is a printing only app, so no formatting can be done afterwards... The solution was, to print with the DOS prgramm to an file, e.g. C:\12345\output.txt ... then read this file, convert it to unicode, put this into word with some pre-defined font / page size and so on ... and then the user can re-format or print it now. Here is the main function of the Dos2Word programm I wrote: Func Convert2Word() ; keine datei da... If Not FileExists($sFilePath) Then Return ; noch in Beaarbeitung... If _WinAPI_FileInUse($sFilePath) Then Return ; nun aber... Local $sFilePathTemp = $sFilePath & "_" & _WinAPI_CreateGUID() & ".txt" FileMove($sFilePath, $sFilePathTemp, $FC_OVERWRITE) ; open word and create new document Local $oWord = _Word_Create() If @error Then ErrorExit("Fehler bei _Word_Create()") Local $oDoc = _Word_DocAdd($oWord) If @error Then ErrorExit("Fehler bei _Word_DocAdd()") ; seite definieren With $oDoc.PageSetup .PageHeight = $sPageHeight .PageWidth = $sPageWidth .TopMargin = $sTopMargin .BottomMargin = $sBottomMargin .LeftMargin = $sLeftMargin .RightMargin = $sRightMargin EndWith ; schrift und absatz With $oDoc.Range .Font.Name = $sFontName .Font.Size = $sFontSize EndWith With $oDoc.Range.ParagraphFormat .SpaceBefore = 0 .SpaceAfter = 0 .LineUnitBefore = 0 .LineUnitAfter = 0 .LineSpacingRule = 0 EndWith Local $hFile = FileOpen($sFilePathTemp, BitOR($FO_READ, $FO_BINARY)) Local $iError Local $iLine = 1 Do Local $sLine = FileReadLine($hFile, $iLine) $iError = @error $iLine += 1 ; ignore special escape line of cm.exe If StringLeft($sLine, 2) = Chr(27) & Chr(64) Then $sLine = StringTrimLeft($sLine, 2) $oDoc.Range.insertAfter(_WinAPI_MultiByteToWideChar($sLine, $sCodePage, 0, True) & @CRLF) Until $iError <> 0 ; und am ende löschen, sofern gewünscht FileClose($hFile) If $sFilesDelete <> "0" Then FileDelete($sFilePathTemp) EndFunc ;==>Convert2Word The Homepage of the program is here: https://mcmilk.de/projects/Dos2Word/ The full source code and precompild signed binaries for 32bit and 64bit systems are also there, the License is GPLv2 With best regards, Milky Maybe someone finds it useful too
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