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Found 1 result

  1. NOTE: TOPIC HAS BEEN MERGED TO HERE: MapIt Quest I am currently developing NPCs they cannot yet be added. Items only exist in database. Enemies only in sprite. This project has been on the shelf a couple years. I decided to learn DLLStruct at the beginning of this project. I'm not sure if using them was a good idea or not. I'm open to converting them to pure array and Enum. Developing multiplayer system UDP clients / server. I'm looking for some advice on how to setup the packets. I was thinking the best way was to convert packets to Hex and convert back at the destination. That's probably the way I have it setup. Anyhow they all talk to each other, clients and server. Where the avatars appear on screens doesn't work. My Enums are used for data members of arrays. I exclude the 'g' even though they are all Global. I put the array names they describe in the Enum: ePlayer_x. In some cases I abbreviate the array name; aWorld_info probably has: aWorld_info[eWi_layers] Most gaming things are done better with a nice engine: GameMaker, Unity, Unreal. My buddy made a time machine in BASIC. I know you can make a better time machine in other languages, but there is something to be said for doing it in BASIC. Many things are ugly with this, just broken, or extraneous blocks of code I threw together for some one-off task. I put this here to see if it generates interest. I'm happy to change this thing around. I do many things in favor of speed, but I know some of it's crap. Package contains a Server and a Map Editor. The Map Editor is meant to be able to add and edit: World Files, worlds have 2 layers. 0.txt background 1.txt forground. The files are formatted with a header: width, height, and the largest tile number. The largest tile number is used to pad the world files. So that the world files could be edited by hand. WorldN Tile X_Y.txt (a subset cord of tile to specify frame): World Tile X_Y is stored in a separate file per layer so that the world layer files remain pretty. World Directory Structure: Example: World_1_Overworld. In folder above we can notice only layer 1 has a Tile_X_Y file. This is because atm only trees use the system and trees are foreground. Areas: areas are to subdivide worlds in effort to section the worlds and divide lists for: hotspots, NPCs, Items, and area properties such as: Out-of-Bounds: Destination and Repeat Tile, enemy encounters, etc.. Areas have: Global Enum $eArea_x, $eArea_y, $eArea_w, $eArea_h, _ ; Area World Bound Rect $eArea_ob_tile, $eArea_ob_world, $eArea_ob_x, $eArea_ob_y, _ ; Out of Bounds Repeat Tile and World Destination if Out of Bounds $eArea_hotspots, $eArea_items, $eArea_NPCs ; Total Hotspots per Area, Items and People Hotspots: hotspots are locations on the board that relocate the player Global Enum $eHotspot_x, $eHotspot_y, _; the spot in world that moves player $eHotspot_dest_world, $eHotspot_dest_x, $eHotspot_dest_y; the destination world and position Board: A rectangle of world tiles is pre-drawn on aBoard[layer_max] centered on player, you can change the size to consume less RAM but requires drawing world to board more often. Animated Background: Before anything is drawn a moving BG image is drawn. Creating beautiful water AI. So if no tiles are drawn from world, BG water animation is shown. Map Editor should be able to test all of the systems of the game: Player, Worlds, Areas, Hotspots, NPCs, Items, Shops, Battles, Netplay, etc.. (Not all systems exist yet) Download site: http://songersoft.com/programming/dw3_remake/dw3_remake_about.phtml It's going to say that the files might be malicious. Probably b/c of the DLLs and I hosted an unmoderated forum from the site years ago were people posted malicious links. Let me know if it's malicious! PS: I tried posting the source but I keep getting errors. I think the source might be too large to post. 6308 lines. Idk.
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