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Found 1 result

  1. Entertainment The idea was to adapt the eagle.au3 example posted by mesale0077 making the bird fly across the monitor. This is the result: eagle fly GreenCan.au3 But, I was not really happy with the result, so I thought, maybe use the original animated gif and move it across the monitor using a transparent GUI. This is a script based on an example of trancexx' GIFAnimation udf. GIFAnimation.au3 is required for below example and can be found here: GIFAnimation.au3 I think the result is much better than the perforated GUI. The script is a kind of a screen saver, or at least a distractor for the eye. FlyingBird.au3 (bug fixed by Mesale0077) flying_bird.ico New examples: Crawling Frog: CrawlingFrog.au3 frog3.ico Cheetah and Tiger: see Post #13 for the more information Version Small bugfix to avoid the current active GUI to flip to the background. Only For those who already tested version same fix for the child script Don't start it but replace the old on in @TempDir & "GIFS" by this new version If you run the script, no big issue but you will have to process kill it... Cheetah and Tiger (Most recent example CheetahRun.au3 _TigerWalk.au3 This example is not only moving animals around your screen but you can capture (stop) these animals by clicking with your left mouse button on it. You can drag and drop the animals around the screen before it pauses. Two scripts are still required. One for the Cheetah and one for the Tiger. Both scripts communicate with each other via memory pointers (Nomad's functions) Remember to download trancexx' GIFAnimation.au3 (see link above) Compiling: You can run the client script (or both scripts) compiled but change the setting $b_TigerWalk_au3 to False Also be aware that you can run the compiled script only in 32bit mode, it will work fine on a x64 system though. Both scripts should be in the same folder There are only 2 pointers that the apps share, one for holding each other and one to stop pausing randomly (animals will run continuously, change the $bNoPause setting in CheetahRun.au3, it should be to False but I left it to True for the sake of the demo. I modified some images, so if you ran the past demos, please first empty your temp folder with following script. #cs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author: GreenCan Script Function: Cleanup temporary folder for CheetahRun #ce ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Global $sTempFolder = @TempDir & "\GIFS" DirRemove($sTempFolder, 1) Let me know if you find any bug, I exhaustively tested both scripts but as it is rather complex to debug, you never know... GreenCan
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