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Found 11 results

  1. hey . is it possible send message to firefox extension and receive too? what is simplest way
  2. Hello. I need to write a User Script to add videos to created playlists. On the video watch page on the right, there are recommended videos. When cursor on thumbnail upper-right on icon appears plus sign, when cursor on that plus sign appears list of user's playlists and by clicking on playlist name video adding to playlist and appears plus sign located right of playlist name. If video already in some playlist, when cursor on thumbnail plus sign, plus sign already located right of playlist name. I think it must be like JS function copy thumbnail, link and video name, after adding that on p
  3. AutoIt3 Lua Wrapper This is an AutoIt3 wrapper for the Lua scripting language. Consider it beta software, but since I will be using it in commercial product, expect it to evolve. It has been developped with Lua 5.3.5. Updates will come for new Lua version. Everything works just fine, except one (big) limitation: Anything that throws a Lua error (using C setjmp/longjmp functionality) will crash your AutoIt program. That means that it is impossible to use throw errors from an AutoIt function called by Lua (luaL_check*, lua_error...). It is hosted in Github: https://github.com/
  4. I'm trying to build a script that will eventually create a log with time stamps of the active windows used on a workstation throughout the day, but I'm having a problem figuring out how to actually get this information. For example, if someone has Microsoft Word open, I'd like to be able to pop-up/log "word.exe" along with the full path to that file if at all possible (sort of like seeing the application DETAILS name in Windows Task Manager and being able to right-click on the name and choose "Open FIle Location" to get the full path to the file). Is what I'm asking even possible within
  5. I am not very sure if I am all right to post here tho. Due to other forums have no respond at all. So I have my custom make google chrome extension, and it will load unpack into Portable Google Chrome, but it keep pop up the alert box Is there any way to disable it? Because my Portable Google Chrome will load as Kiosk mode, so that user can't be uninstall/disable the extension. Many thanks in advance.
  6. In my recent project I'm downloading a bunch of data, so I decided to store it in a SQLite database. NOTE: I'm using sqlite3_x64.dll Everything is working just fine but I'm struggling with getting the Median value. SQLite has an Average function but not a Median one. I googled but all of the provided solutions are way above my pay-grade. After some more searching I found 'extension-functions.c' on the SQLite site where Median is included. After almost an hour of struggling I was able to successfully compile it into a DLL. So I downloaded @jchd's SQLiteExtLoad.au3 as seen here:
  7. Hi friends! I making a listview who displays files and i need set correct icon example: If computer have installed WinRAR zip files will have winrar icon, if have installed adobe reader pdf files have adobe reader icon. I trying to find a way to get icon associated with a extension on the computer, to after put in my listview. Thanks in advance.
  8. #include-once ; #UDF# ======================================================================================================================= ; Title .........: PathSplitEx ; AutoIt Version : ; Language ......: English ; Description ...: Splits a path into the drive, directory, file name and file extension parts ; Author(s) .....: DXRW4E ; Notes .........: ; =============================================================================================================================== ; #CURRENT# =========================================================================================
  9. What is TrIDLib.dll? This standard Win32 DLL library, based on TrID's core engine, make adding file identification / file recognition capabilities to any kind of application a very easy & quick process. If you need a managed library, check the TrIDEngine. For more Info Go to Author website http://mark0.net/index-e.html Functions in the UDF are: _TrIDLib_Startup _TrIDLib_Shutdown _TrIDLib_GetInfo _TrIDLib_GetRealExtension _TrIDLib_GetVersion _TrIDLib_GetFileTypeDef Here is main udf: #AutoIt3Wrapper_AU3Check_Parameters=-d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w 4 -w 5 -w 6 #include-once ; TrIDlib Au
  10. Hi there I feel confident that this is possible, and I have searched, but am unable to find how to do this. Brief: My database contains blobs which represent attachments that users have attached. I have a button "open attachment". This button should then, well, open the attachment using whatever programme is defined in the registry as the default programme to open the attachment. WHere I have got to: I can attach the blob. I can then write it out to a temporary directory using the original file name. I can get the file type from the registry using the extension of the filename I
  11. I've been trying to make an extension for embedding plain text links on imageboards like 4chan. I've taken code from a more fully featured extension that has features that I really don't want because it's incompatible with the more popular extensions out there. I have it working as an extension in my browser, the edited full version of it, but when I pack it for installation and re-install it, it throws errors like "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'links1' of undefined". I don't know much about JS but I'm wondering why it's not throwing this error in the original version where it's
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