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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the Windows "fade effect" that occurs when a window appears or disappears? It is possible for a user to disable visual effects in windows in general through the system properties > performance settings, but I am interested just in fixing it for a particular window that pops up in my app. I would like it to appear and disappear instantaneously, snapping in and out, out of nowhere, rather than the short (maybe 300 ms?) fade in/fade out effect that windows has. Thanks for any tips JP
  2. Is there a piece of code to fade out buttons? Like WinSetTrans but for GUICtrls
  3. Hello all, Here is an update of this topic: I did the transition based on a real time input. Thus, if you put 200ms the transition will be made in reel 200ms (+~10ms on my PC) From my first post (see link) just replace: For $a = 0 To 254 Step $speed WinSetTrans($hGDI[$d], "", $a) Sleep($delay) Next by: $ms = 200 ; set your time (ms) $step = $ms/255 $TimerInit=TimerInit() $i=1 $p = 1 $Diff=$step $TimerInit2=TimerInit() While 1 If $i > 254 Then ExitLoop If $Diff >= $step And $p And $i < 256 Then WinSetTrans($hGDI[$d], "", int($i)) $i += 1 $TimerInit=TimerInit() $p = 0 Else Do $Diff=TimerDiff($TimerInit) Until $Diff >= $step $p=1 EndIf WEnd $Diff2=TimerDiff($TimerInit2) ConsoleWrite("+ "&$Diff2 & @LF) Of course you won't need $speed and $delay. I wonder if it is working nice on your PC as well ? Cramaboule
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