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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys! I've created this UDF to work with Nitgen fingerprint readers that use NGenBio SDK. I'm working with Hamster DX for testing purposes: So, the UDF still needs a lot of functionalities but what is already written is enough to do most of the tasks you would want to do with a fingerprint scanner (registering, authentication of a user, identification of a person among many users etc.). I've put it on GitHub because it will be constantly updated. Also, if you want to help, feel free to clone and send pull requests Examples: #include 'NGenBio.au3' ; Enumerate devices $numberOfDevices = _NEnumerate() ; Enumerate all connected devices If Not $numberOfDevices Then Exit ; no device connected _NOpen() ; Open device (no argument = open latest connected device) ; ====================================================================== ; Example 1: just get a fingerprint and display the string associated to it MsgBox(0, "Your fingerprint means:", _NCapture()) ; ====================================================================== ; Example 2: verification (expecting for a specified person) ; Ask for name (to show how to work with payloads and store info on the fingerprint data) $sName = InputBox("Test", "Enter your name") $tmpData = _NEnroll($sName) ; Register a fingerprint (we will have a string to save in DB if we want; $sName will be saved together with the data) If Not $tmpData Then Exit ; User canceled $check = _NVerify($tmpData) ; Verify fingerprint (from the string that the registration gave us - it could have come from a database) If $check Then MsgBox(0, '', 'That''s you, ' & $check & "!") ; Correct fingerprint Else MsgBox(0, '', 'That''s not you!') ; Wrong fingerprint EndIf ; ====================================================================== ; Example 3: identification (expecting for anyone of a group of persons) ; Add the already saved FIR data from the previous example as ID #1 _NSearch_Add($tmpData, 1) MsgBox(0, "", "You are now user 1. Please call someone else to register (or use different fingers/hand) to test the registration of a second person.") $secondPersonName = InputBox("Test", "What's the name of the second person?") ; Get data $secondperson = _NEnroll($secondPersonName) _NSearch_Add($secondperson, 2) ; Let's ask for the fingerprint to search for $capture = _NCapture() $user = _NSearch_Identify($capture) If $user Then MsgBox(0, "", "User: " & $user) Else MsgBox(0, "", "User not found!") EndIf _NClose() ; Close device (no argument = close latest opened device) Note that you must install NGenBio SDK (although my system is x64, I only had success after installing the x86 version). More details, documentation and link to download the SDK on the readme file. Get it on Github
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