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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I created a FMOD UDF (x86 / x64 compatible) whereas the DLL calls are done from memory directly! Credits to trancexx for the Subrogation functions! Supported formats: - .MOD (protracker/fasttracker modules) - .S3M (screamtracker 3 modules) - .XM (fasttracker 2 modules) - .IT (impulse tracker modules) - .MID (MIDI files) - .RMI (MIDI files) - .SGT (DirectMusic segment files) - .FSB (FMOD Sample Bank files) - .MP3 - .OGG - .WAV - .MP2 - .RAW Current added function list (sum = 70): FMUSICMEM_FreeSong FMUSICMEM_GetBPM FMUSICMEM_GetGlobalVolume FMUSICMEM_GetMasterVolume FMUSICMEM_GetName FMUSICMEM_GetNumChannels FMUSICMEM_GetNumInstruments FMUSICMEM_GetNumOrders FMUSICMEM_GetNumPatterns FMUSICMEM_GetNumSamples FMUSICMEM_GetOrder FMUSICMEM_GetPaused FMUSICMEM_GetRow FMUSICMEM_GetSpeed FMUSICMEM_GetTime FMUSICMEM_GetType FMUSICMEM_IsFinished FMUSICMEM_LoadSong FMUSICMEM_LoadSongEx FMUSICMEM_OptimizeChannels FMUSICMEM_PlaySong FMUSICMEM_SetMasterVolume FMUSICMEM_SetOrder FMUSICMEM_SetPaused FMUSICMEM_StopAllSongs FMUSICMEM_StopSong FSOUNDMEM_Close FSOUNDMEM_DSP_Create FSOUNDMEM_DSP_Free FSOUNDMEM_DSP_GetActive FSOUNDMEM_DSP_GetFFTUnit FSOUNDMEM_DSP_GetSpectrum FSOUNDMEM_DSP_SetActive FSOUNDMEM_DSP_SetPriority FSOUNDMEM_GetAmplitude FSOUNDMEM_GetChannelsPlaying FSOUNDMEM_GetCPUUsage FSOUNDMEM_GetCurrentLevels FSOUNDMEM_GetError FSOUNDMEM_GetFrequency FSOUNDMEM_GetGetSurround FSOUNDMEM_GetMaxChannels FSOUNDMEM_GetPan FSOUNDMEM_GetPaused FSOUNDMEM_GetVolume FSOUNDMEM_Init FSOUNDMEM_SetPaused FSOUNDMEM_SetSpeakerMode FSOUNDMEM_SetSurround FSOUNDMEM_SetVolume FSOUNDMEM_SetVolumeAbsolute FSOUNDMEM_Stream_Close FSOUNDMEM_Stream_FindTagField FSOUNDMEM_Stream_GetLength FSOUNDMEM_Stream_GetLengthMs FSOUNDMEM_Stream_GetNumTagFields FSOUNDMEM_Stream_GetOpenState FSOUNDMEM_Stream_GetPosition FSOUNDMEM_Stream_GetTagField FSOUNDMEM_Stream_GetTime FSOUNDMEM_Stream_Net_GetStatus FSOUNDMEM_Stream_Net_SetMetadataCallback FSOUNDMEM_Stream_Net_SetProxy FSOUNDMEM_Stream_Open FSOUNDMEM_Stream_Play FSOUNDMEM_Stream_PlayEx FSOUNDMEM_Stream_SetLoopCount FSOUNDMEM_Stream_SetPosition FSOUNDMEM_Stream_SetTime FSOUNDMEM_Stream_Stop In the zip archive you can find 6 examples. Download: FModMem UDF build 2019-11-24.zip If you have created additional examples, feel free to post it here.
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