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Found 2 results

  1. Formerly known as KindEbook Price Query. Please read IMPORTANT ADVICE here at Post #57. (9th May 2016) Reading some sections of the previous topic could be helpful. There is also a Disclaimer reference etc. OLDER DOWNLOADS KindEbook Wishlist (new) BONUS - AZWPlug (new) See Post #51 for information about the Bonus program (AZWPlug). Screenshots in second post. (07-10-2017) KindEbook Wishlist updated to v5.3. Bugfix for 'Move To Another User' and 'Relocate All Bought Ebooks', when using right-click menu options with the new 'Slicker visuals for low powered PC' option enabled. The bug meant you ended up with a blank list (requiring a sort or load to fix). Added three more Accelerator Keys - Selected Entry (text) Detail (Ctrl-T), Set a SWEET price (Ctrl-S), Set a Warning (Ctrl-W). (05-10-2017) KindEbook Wishlist updated to v5.2. Have now made the improvements for last version, optional via a 'Settings' window option. (04-10-2017) KindEbook Wishlist updated to v5.1. Bugfix for Mouse cursor. Improved how list items are loaded, added, relocated, removed & sorted etc. (03-10-2017) KindEbook Wishlist updated to v5.0. Accelerator Keys added for Bought, Favorite, Copy, Move, Image & Text, Edit Title/Author. A right-click option 'Price -> Change' and Update window has been added. NOTES - Accelerator Keys are listed on the right of right-click option title, but are as follows (Ctrl-B) (Ctrl-F) (Ctrl-C) (Ctrl-M) (Ctrl-I) (Ctrl-E). If 'Ctrl' is held down when clicking the UPDATE button on the Price Change window, $0.00 is returned to all the input fields. AZWPlug updated to v2.7. Added a DEL (remove) button to results window, plus a 4th method to get ebook detail. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KindEbook Wishlist - Most controls get disabled now during a Query, plus the same occurs during an 'Exchange Rate Query'. Plus if 'Please Wait' splash is disabled for Query, then a splash is no longer shown during an 'Exchange Rate Query', with that text shown instead in both the 'Please Wait' and 'Timer' labels, which are temporarily unhidden for that purpose. The Timer label can also be reshown if hidden by the new feature, by clicking the FIND label. Mouse cursor now changes during Query and Ebook list loading etc, to indicate when busy working. Extended the 'Please Wait' label to loading & sorting the Ebooks list, which also applies to any other process that re-populates or changes number of list entries (ebook removal, changing user, relocating bought, etc). Those are all dependent on the "Use a flashing 'Please Wait' ..." setting being set. NOTE - This feature was added to this and the previous version, so that having a 'Please Wait' splash displayed on top of all windows, for a lengthy period perhaps, could be avoided, if desired. Previous Versions (newer) Previous Versions (older) The KindEbook Wishlist, is basically a compliment to your regular store wishlist, but has a history element and allows you to check current and previous prices etc in a better, quicker and more organized fashion. Essentially it assists and hopefully improves with decision making, when it comes to determining whether to make a purchase yet or not. You could compare it to manually and painfully creating something like an Excel spreadsheet for the same purpose, without the time, complexity and pain involved. You can sort by Title, Author, Current Price, Lowest Price, Add Order, Favorites, etc. You can view details - Book Description, Price Changes, etc. You can open the ebook URL in your web browser, where you can elect to make the purchase. The program supports multiple users, shared titles, shared comments and private comments, etc. After purchase, an ebook can be relocated to a bought list (per user). Price can be queried on an individual title basis or ALL titles (starting at first or selected or only favorites or not favorites). Dates are recorded for most processes, with various reporting options. I call it a wishlist on steroids.
  2. The goal here is to get the Internet History for endpoints and users in the enterprise to find what business use websites use Java. When opening index.dat in Notepad, I can see all the data I need. Unfortunatly, trying to read that data in AutoIT is proving diffucult. I've tried : Func _ParseIndexdat($indexdatpath) ; Parse index.dat file for useable info ; The tools I've seen don't grab all the info I want :( $Bindexdat = FileOpen($indexdatpath,16) $indexdat = FileRead($Bindexdat) $strIndexdat = BinaryToString($indexdat,2) MsgBox(0,"String from Binary",$strIndexdat) $FileArray = StringSplit($strIndexdat,@CRLF) ;This may get complex... Dim $r = 1 ; to count the records Dim $e = 0; to count the entries ; Start reading from line 1 For $line In $FileArray $content = StringStripWS($line,7) Select Case StringInStr($line,"REDR") ; this is the start of a record MsgBox(0,"REDR",$content) Case StringInStr($line,"URL") ; this may be the start of a record MsgBox(0,"URL",$content) Case StringInStr($line,"LEAK") ; this is the start of an error record ; I will likely ignore it. MsgBox(0,"LEAK",$content) Case StringInStr($line,"http://") ; this is the line with a couple entries MsgBox(0,"http",$content) Case StringInStr($line,"Content-Type:") ; this is an entry I want MsgBox(0,"Content-Type",$content) Case StringInStr($line,"X-Powered-By:") ; this is an entry I want MsgBox(0,"Powered-By",$content) Case StringInStr($line,"~U:") ; this is an entry I want and it marks the end of a record MsgBox(0,"~U",$content) Case Else ; do nothing with the line EndSelect Next EndFunc That doesn't get the info... That code doesn't return anything. Using $Bindexdat = FileOpen($indexdatpath,16) $indexdat = FileRead($Bindexdat) $strIndexdat = BinaryToString($indexdat,1) MsgBox(0,"String from Binary",$strIndexdat) the "string from binary" msg box shows a LOT of data... but URL and http case are both blank or gibberish. BinaryToString($indexdat,2) and ,3 return Nothing in the cases - 4 does the same as 1. Using : $Bindexdat = FileOpen($indexdatpath, 16) $indexdat = FileRead($Bindexdat);$indexdatpath) MsgBox(0,"Index dat",$indexdat) $strIndexdat = BinaryToString($indexdat,1) MsgBox(0,"String from Binary",$indexdat);$strIndexdat & @CRLF & @error) $FileArray = StringSplit($strIndexdat,@CRLF) Shows that $indexdat and $strIndexdat are effectively the same. Using : ; Parse index.dat file for useable info ; The tools I've seen don't grab all the info I want :( ;$Bindexdat = FileOpen($indexdatpath,16) $indexdat = FileRead($indexdatpath);$Bindexdat) ;$strIndexdat = BinaryToString($indexdat,4) MsgBox(0,"String from Binary",$indexdat);$strIndexdat & @CRLF & @error) $FileArray = StringSplit($indexdat,@CRLF) It reads a lot more info... Content-Type is fine. ~U: is fine. URL is mostly blank. Case http:// it will pop up the msg box, but $content is blank. So the data is there... I just can't figure out how to get it into a string. Using : $Bindexdat = FileOpen($indexdatpath,256) $indexdat = FileRead($Bindexdat);$indexdatpath) MsgBox(0,"Index dat",$indexdat) $strIndexdat = BinaryToString($indexdat,1) MsgBox(0,"String from Binary",$indexdat);$strIndexdat & @CRLF & @error) $FileArray = StringSplit($strIndexdat,@CRLF) Returns data, but URL and Http:// pop up as blank... $Bindexdat = FileOpen($indexdatpath,48) - URL and Http are blank. I've found a VBScript that is supposed to read the files... so far no luck on Win7 - it can't find index.dat file... lol! On remote XP machines, it can't find a history folder. So I don't know if it DOES read index.dat files. I've attached it. Any ideas or code help is greatly appreciated!! IE_Network - Copy.txt