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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! Today I want to show you my current AutoIt project: The ISN AutoIt Studio. The ISN AutoIt Studio is a complete IDE made with AutoIt, for AutoIt! It includes a GUI designer, a code editor (with syntax highlighting, auto complete & intelisense), a file viewer, a backup system, trophies and a lot more features!! Here are some screenshots: Here some higlights: -> easy to create/manage/public your AutoIt-projects! ->integrated GUI-Editor (ISN Form Studio 2) ->integrated - file & projectmanager ->auto backupfunction for your Projects ->extendable with plugins! ->available in several languages ->trophies ->Syntax highlighting /Autocomplete / Intelisense ->Dynamic Script ->detailed overview of the project (total working hours, total size...) And much more!!! -> -> Click here to download ISN AutoIt Studio <- <- Here is the link to the german autoit forum where I posted ISN AutoIt Studio the first time: For more information visit my Homepage: So….have fun with ISN AutoIt Studio! PS: Sorry for my bad English! ^^
  2. Hi! I need a little bit help from some RegEx experts please: I would make my ISN AutoIt Studio faster when generating the scripttree. And what would be better to do this via regex? Problem is i am not really good at this regex stuff. So maybe someone could help me here. The challange is to get all Global Variables from a script via RegEx in a Array. Here is a example script with some tests: Global $Var1 = 1234 Local $Local_Var = 1234 $Ignore_me_too = 1234 Global $Var2 = 1234, $var3 = 1242 Global $ahIcons[30], $ahLabels[30] Global Const $Var4 = iniread($inivar1,"jj","jj","") , $var5= iniread($inivar2,"jj","jj","") Global $Var_String = "was" Global $Array_Test[16] = [1,15,16,0,31,15,25,15,25,30,8,30,8,15,1,15] Global Enum $MARGIN_SCRIPT_NUMBER = 0, $MARGIN_SCRIPT_ICON, $MARGIN_SCRIPT_FOLD Global Const $Delim = '\', $Delim1 = '|' Global $hard1 = "a", _ $hard2 = "b", _ $hard3 = "c" The returning array should look like this: $Var1 $Var2 $var3 $Var4 $var5 $Var_String $Array_Test $MARGIN_SCRIPT_NUMBER $MARGIN_SCRIPT_ICON $MARGIN_SCRIPT_FOLD $Delim $Delim1 $hard1 $hard2 $hard3 I already made some success with a expression i found in the SciTE Jump Tool: (\$\w+)(?:[\h\[.=+*/^,)\-])? This nearly returns the perfect results. But it does not check if it´s a global variable (with the const and enum options) and also returns variables in commands (for example $inivar1) I also found this regex: (?im:^(?=Global|Const|Enum|Static)(?:Global)?\h*(?:Const|Enum|Static)?(?:(?<=Enum)\h+Step\h+[+*-]\d+)?\h*)([^\r\n .\=]+) This returns also usefull results...but trying to understand this explodes my head Maybe someone can help me here? Thanks in advance!
  3. As many of you may not be aware, of much about AutoIt's humble beginnings, and aspects related to the first GUI version of AutoIt, I thought it might be nice to create a historical reference here for all the many GUI creators that have been created by various people over the years. NOTE - While one could argue, that this topic might be better placed in one of the Chat forums, I would argue, that it links to heaps of good code. While much may be redundant in that code, it is still interesting and forms a great perspective. Many are bound to find useful elements at the very least. Koda, is no doubt the most well-known GUI creator now, but there was a time, when CyberSlug's legendary GUIBuilder (first known as AutoBuilder) ruled the roost, and AutoIt coder's saw it as a Godsend. AutoIt coding was much simpler back then of course. Below, will be a timeline, of any AutoIt GUI creators listed in forum pages. It will be added to by myself as I find them or as others here find them and place a link in a subsequent post ... PLEASE HELP! Comments welcome too. (Also note, that this is also intended to include updates, branches etc by others) Apr 20 2004 - AutoBuilder by CyberSlug. Sep 27 2004 - An interesting topic, where CyberSlug talks about the future of AutoBuilder (etc) and renaming to GUIBuilder and you see the first mentions and links to updates by others (including myself & livewire). Nov 05 2004 - A topic where lookfar is working on a SciTE replacement, talks about starting a Form Designer. Aug 10 2005 - GuiBuilder first update by TheSaint. Sep 26 2005 - GUIBuilder updates by livewire (he also talks about transferring his efforts to Koda). Nov 02 2005 - KODA FormDesigner v1.3 by lookfar Nov 03 2005 - Seemingly interesting topic about forms by tonedeaf Dec 26 2005 - AutoIt Studio(beta) by BillLuvsU Jan 09 2006 - AutoBuilder update (or branch) by _^__darkbytez (livewire also posts). Feb 19 2006 - Koda v1.5 by lookfar Sep 07 2006 - Koda v1.7.3.0 by Lazycat Jan 07 2007 - Form/GUI Builder by FlintBrenick Jun 10 2007 - Gorganizer by _Kurt (more of an assister than actual GUI maker) Jun 27 2007 - Basic GUI Designer by Mast3rpyr0 May 03 2008 - Autoit Programmer's Desktop (APD) by Ealric Jul 11 2008 - Gui Designer by Alek Aug 11 2008 - Gorganizer update by _Kurt Jun 19 2009 - Easy GUI by Mat Aug 13 2009 - GUI Script Creator by Pandemic (not sure this qualifies, but it made me think of templates) Aug 16 2010 - Creation Gui by AZJIO Jan 22 2012 - ISN AutoIt Studio by ISI360 (includes ISN Form Studio 2, a GUI editor) Mar 19 2012 - Arduino GUI Programmer by nikosliapis (creates a specific type of GUI) Aug 01 2012 - GuiBuilder Resurrected update/branch to GUIBuilder by baroquebob Dec 01 2012 - Form Builder beta (v1.0.6) by BuckMaster Jan 12 2015 - GUIBuilderNxt update by jaberwacky of GUIBuilder v0.8 (as a new prototype, modified to work with latest AutoIt) (not a update to the Resurrected version) Aug 12 2016 - The GuiBuilder Return by DFerrato as an update to GUIBuilder, Jan 17 2017 - GUIBuilder Project by TheSaint (a work in progress based on CyberSlug's original ... and later versions, updated by Roy, TheSaint & others). There are a significant number of creators/designers that have been started and never completed. +++++ STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION +++++ P.S. Well that's it from me tonight. I know of at least one other major creator, but cannot recall it's name or the name of the coder, though I think it starts with 'L'. Bound to be a few I've missed, and some I cannot seem to find their first appearance here (Koda, Form Builder, etc), but there may be an obvious reason for that. Will probably rely on feedback from others now that I've got the ball rolling. NOTE - If anyone wants to discuss any of these programs above or give some background history, then by all means do so. I will cross-reference (link to) any important comments.
  4. Hello, Please look at the picture: As you can see, the main editor was not created.... I have a very important project & the form studio is broke!! Thanks in Advance, TD