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Found 2 results

  1. I´ve got an already usably working script for entering a reservation in to a Java App, but to give it more than very basic functionality and stability I´m stuck. Is there any way beyond MouseGetCursor and WinActivate, and other than lot´s of Sleep, that I can make this more stable? sometimes there is a popup in the app, which of course the script doesn´t see, and sometimes the script "trips" and enters the wrong data in the wrong field, and that of course causes lots of errors and popups... yes, there´s a "Java UDF" Topic in the example scripts section, but that didn´t work for me, and the development on that seems to have stopped years ago... (unless I´m overlooking another thread somewhere?) A newer thread about, as far as I understand it, automating hard-to-automate controls might be a direction: ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>... Here´s a cut-out of what I´ve built so far: Global $sWinTitle = "OPERA PMS [Version" Global $wHandle = WinGetHandle($sWinTitle) Global $cHandle = ControlGetHandle($wHandle, "", "") #region Parser ;that´s a separate story #endregion #region Entry _BlockWindow() OperaSend("!.") OperaSend($aRES[$ixGuestSurName],2) OperaSend("{TAB}") OperaSend($aRES[$ixGuestFirstName],2) OperaSend("{TAB}") OperaSend("i{ENTER}") OperaSend("!n") ;etc... _unBlock() #endregion Func OperaSend($sSend, $flag = 0) While Not WinActive($wHandle);force the window to be active WinActivate($wHandle) WEnd If $flag = 2 Then ;$flag = 2 send longer strings of text with clipput+paste Do ClipPut("") ClipPut($sSend) Sleep(128) ;seems to be necessary Until @error = 0 Do $x = ControlSend($wHandle, "", $cHandle, "^v");{CTRLDOWN}{CTRLUP} Until $x = 1 Sleep(128) Else ;flag = 1 Sends Raw, $flag = 0 Sends "normal" Do $x = ControlSend($wHandle, "", $cHandle, $sSend, $flag) Until $x = 1 Sleep(64) EndIf Do Sleep(8) Until MouseGetCursor() = 2 ;check for non-arrow mouse cursors (busy, etc.) Sleep(8) EndFunc ;==>OperaSend #include <Misc.au3> ; for MouseTrap Function Func _BlockWindow() $pos = WinGetPos($wHandle) If IsHWnd($wHandle) Then WinActivate($wHandle) WinSetState($wHandle, "", @SW_DISABLE) WinSetTrans($wHandle, "", 255 * 0.92) _MouseTrap($pos[0] + 10, $pos[1] + 32) _BlockKeys(1) ConsoleWrite("Blocked" & @CR) $blocked = 1 EndIf EndFunc ;==>_BlockWindow Func _unBlock() If IsHWnd($wHandle) Then _BlockKeys() _MouseTrap() WinSetTrans($wHandle, "", 255) WinSetState($wHandle, "", @SW_ENABLE) ConsoleWrite("Unblocked" & @CR) $blocked = 0 EndIf EndFunc ;==>_unBlock Func _BlockKeys($flag = 0);instead of _BlockInput(), because no Admin privileges If $flag = 1 Then HotKeySet("{TAB}", "_BlockKeysDummy") HotKeySet("^{TAB}", "_BlockKeysDummy") HotKeySet("!{TAB}", "_BlockKeysDummy");doesn´t really work HotKeySet("+{TAB}", "_BlockKeysDummy") HotKeySet("#{TAB}", "_BlockKeysDummy") HotKeySet("{ENTER}", "_BlockKeysDummy") ;...etc. Else HotKeySet("{TAB}") HotKeySet("^{TAB}") HotKeySet("!{TAB}");doesn´t really work HotKeySet("+{TAB}") HotKeySet("#{TAB}") HotKeySet("{ENTER}") ;...etc. EndIf EndFunc ;==>_BlockKeys
  2. I'm new to AutoIt and am attempting to automate a desktop Java application on Windows XP. I've set up Java Ferret to enable viewing the objects in the Java app window. I need to have the AutoIt script click on a search button, but have been unable to figure out how to do it. I have set up the AutoIt Java UDF and have tried using some of these functions to click the button, but to no avail. The following is the Java Ferret output when the mouse is hovering over the button to be clicked . What is the syntax of the AutoIt (or Java UDF) command that should be used to click the search button? Version Information: Java virtual machine version: 1.6.0_31 Access Bridge Java class version: 1.6.0_31 Access Bridge Java DLL version: AccessBridge 2.0.2 Access Bridge Windows DLL version: AccessBridge 2.0.2 AccessibleContext information at mouse point [0, 0]: Name: Search Description: Search Patients Role: push button Role in en_US locale: push button States: enabled,focusable,visible,showing States in en_US locale: enabled,focusable,visible,showing Index in parent: 6 Children count: 0 Bounding rectangle: [500, 91, 576, 139] Top-level window name: Desktop - Clinic - John Smith Top-level window role: frame Parent name: Parent role: panel Visible descendents count: 0 AccessibleActions info: Number of actions: 1 Action 0 name: click Accessible Value information: Current Value: 0 Maximum Value: 1 Minimum Value: 0
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