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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, I want to make my progress bar progress with the amount of File lines read. How would I do this correctly. So far the code below can sometimes run in the middle of the progress bar and state completed.. and other times it can run into the 200%. ;======================================================================== ProgressOn("TITLE", "ACTION") ;======================================================================== For $count = 1 To _FileCountLines($FileRead) Step 1 $string = FileReadLine($FileRead, $count) $value1 = $input[1] $value2
  2. Here is the script for the variable I want to find: Local $oSunHrsTD = _IETagNameGetCollection($oFrameobj, "span").item(138) The Item(138) for the span elemets is a dynamic number based on the index of all span objects on the webpage I am trying to send inputs to. Based on the span.item(#) the corresponding InnerText for that element is the value that I want to get. Which I use the following script: Local $oSunHrs = $oSunHrsTD.InnerText Global $otime = _IECreate ("https://somewebsite.banana") _IELoadWait($otime) Local $oFrameobj = _IEFrameGetObjByName($oti
  3. $oExcel = ObjCreate("Excel.Application") $oExcel.Visible = 0 #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #Include <File.au3> Global $arlines WinActivate("MyApplication") ;Activate My Application Local $hWnd = WinWaitActive("MyApplication", "", 5) ;Wait for My Application for 5 seconds $oExcel.Application.WorkBooks.Open("C:\Users\Charlie\Desktop\Data.xlsx") ;Open Excel file 'Data.xlsx' local $iCell = $oExcel.Application.Cells(31,1).Value ;Read the value from cell A31 $file = @ScriptDir & "\Capture.log"
  4. Hi Guys, Is it possible to get a variable on your For..Next loop? Local $Lines1 = _FileCountLines(C:\temp\test.txt) Local $linesToCount2 = $Lines1 + 2 $var = Number($linesToCount2) For $count = 1 To _FileCountLines($FileRead2) Step 1 For $i = $var To $count Next ;Code does stuff here Next Somehow my code doesn't work even though I thought I could convert the variable to a Integer / Number. This code I posted above does not move to the next value. But the code below does... why is that? For $count = 1 To _FileCountLines($FileRead2) Step 1 For $i =
  5. Hi is there a move next function or a way to loop so that the next item in a record is selected? I'm not sure where to start looking in order to find them. I want to click a text link and then do my macros, which I'm already finished with and then make it move to the next record. This is on a web browser it looks like this. The link is a date. I believe the page uses javascript Theres also a button for the bottom and I want it to do a whole date range 1/1/2016 - 7/1/2018
  6. hi all, Dumb question, but say I have a loop: dim $i Do     sleep(1000)          if $i = ; how do i do a function that enters this IF statement every 10 loops?         ; do stuff every 10     EndIf      Until $i = 100 - what commands in the if statement do I need to use to make it pass, and on every 10th loop, it enters the if statement. ? Thanks
  7. I've seen some weird behavior in my code (I log almost everything).    While 1       $WaitingTime = TimerDiff($wtTimer)       sleep(300)       $Data = TCPRecv($MainSocket, $MaxLength)       _FileWriteLog($LogFolder&"info.log", "Wait for answer that Server is ready for step 21")                            If $Data = "ByeBye" Then           &
  8. My function still making spells and ignoring if statement -snip- And this function returns true and i see spell is entering
  9. I am working at a script (thanks @Chimp for the help on my previous thread) operating on Firefox, based on two time-set loops that are doing the same operations with some differences. Now I need to execute a local video at a determinated hour (between 12 and 4). My question is What is the best way to determine a precise hour (hh:mm)? I tried While @Hour >= 12 & @MIN >= 00 And @HOUR <= 14 & @MIN < 30But the loop is being ignored, although in the moment I use only @Min for my tests everything works fine. This is the essential - and working - structure of the present script:
  10. This is a repost, since the thread was deleted due to database issues. - https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/173518-thread-deleted/ Hello fellow geeks I am making a small program for work, a tool with shortcuts and host monitoring. The program has several tab and I need help with the tab called "Servers/Hosts" The tab reads hostnames or ip adresses from an ini file and writes them to a listview. You can add or remove hosts, ping, connect with mstsc and delete the whole list. Now... Im checking for ip adresses on start of the program, or with a refresh button - so far so good.. It´s wor
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