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Found 16 results

  1. I've ported some of the JavaScript 140 Bytes demos from dwitter.net to FreeBasic. Download AiO with 500 examples (7-Zip archive): The beauty - magic of math Vol. 1 - 12 build 2022-01-16.7z (1.99 mb with source code and Windows compiled executables) Some screenshots: ... Autoit is too slow for almost all of these examples. Happy watching.
  2. I started writing this UDF a while ago, so I decided to share it here. This is an UDF full of advanced mathematical functions. It allows to work with primes, create number sequences, interpolate, calculate values of functions like Riemann zeta. Full list of functions: Changelog: Download
  3. hi all, Dumb question, but say I have a loop: dim $i Do     sleep(1000)          if $i = ; how do i do a function that enters this IF statement every 10 loops?         ; do stuff every 10     EndIf      Until $i = 100 - what commands in the if statement do I need to use to make it pass, and on every 10th loop, it enters the if statement. ? Thanks
  4. RunningStats calculates running (moving) statistics: Standard Deviation, Variance, and Mean . The single function _RunningStats(), queries, clears, restores, or adds to the running statistics. Example.au3 adds 7 samples of data to running statistics and displays the results using _ArrayDisplay(). Example-Persistent-Storage.au3 adds the first 6 samples to the running statistics and stores the results in an INI file. The data is read from the INI file and restored to the running statistics. The 7th sample is added and the results displayed, matching the results from Example.au3. C
  5. Hey there I'm thinking about making a program that will calculate with huge numbers. Well above 1*10^18 probably. Can autoit deal with that? If not, how can I make it work? Thanks!
  6. I keep getting error : Statement cannot be just an expression. Here are the 3 error variations it gives: Global $ImageCount += 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^ Global $ImageCount += 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^ Global $ImageCount += ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^ Here is the code: Case $Image1 ;GUICtrlSetState($Image1, 4+128) GUICtrlSetState($Image2, 64) $Image1_done = 1 OpenImages() Global $Image1_added = $imagePath ;MsgBox("Info", "Image 1 Path", $Image1_added) OpenEditBox() Global $Image1_Description = $editBox_sa
  7. Hi, I've attached an example picture of a shape which i would like to calculate it's area. Let's say a user has marked this kind of shaped area on the screen and you need to run some calculations on it, like getting the area of it. - How would you go about this problem? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, everybody! i'm trying to make a math worksheet generator for kids, but i need it in this format: and generate a PDF file with the math problems.... i know how to generate a problems, but idk how to 'format' this anyone have a ideia how to make this? Thanks a lot. p.s: Here is my sum generator code: Func _Sum_Generator($iMin, $iMax, $iProblems = 100, $iMaxAddends = 2, $bRandomAddends = True, $bUseDecimal = False, $bUseNegative = False) Local $aGenerated[$iProblems][2] If $iMaxAddends < 2 Then $iMaxAddends = 2 For $i = 0 To $iProblems -1 $aGenerated[$i][1] =
  9. It's not because I am lazy, I believe many hands make light work and this is for PreExpand which will benefit the community anyway. Your input is greatly appreciated in creating a regular expression that can parse simple arithmetic expressions such as ((1 + -10) /809) or 1 + 9, though a different method can be considered if you don't like regexp. Speed isn't an issue, though something that takes 10 minutes to parse isn't ideal of course. Thanks. PS I guess this can be constituted as another game!
  10. For some obvious reason, Sucessfully to translate an #computing padding algorithm, and outputting same value with example of an explanation Lets take a breath, wiki say: The following formulas provide the number of padding bytes required to align the start of a data structure (where mod is the modulo operator): # pseudo-code, see actual code below padding = (align - (offset mod align)) mod align new offset = offset + padding = offset + (align - (offset mod align)) mod align For example, the padding to add to offset 0x59d for a structure aligned to every 4 bytes is 3. The structure wi
  11. Just trying to wrap my head around some (very) basic math here by converting it into AU3 syntax, on this page (http://www.paulgraham.com/naivebayes.html) there is a good example of how to add two, or more, probabilities together. Here's the short version: Now, any takes on how I would implement that simple math in autoit code? For now I've got: $prbs = 0.60 + 0.72 $dividers = ((0.60+0.72))+((1-0.60)+(1-0.72)) $result = $prbs / $dividers ConsoleWrite('$result: ' & $result & @CRLF) And the output is "0.66" which certainly isn't right so I'm doing something wrong, any takers/helpers
  12. Hi. Been very interested in game development and wanted to write my own Wolf 3D on AutoIt. Here what i got for today: #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <GDIPlus.au3> #include <Misc.au3> Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1) Global _ $bGameRunning = True Global _ $iWidth = 640, _ $iHeight = 480, _ $iTileSize = 64, _ $iWallHeight = 64 ;---------------------------------------------------- ; GUI ;---------------------------------------------------- Global _ $sTitle = "Ray casting", _ $hGUI ;-----------------------------------
  13. AutoMathEdit This is a very simple language written in AutoIt. AutoMathEdit only handles numeric operations and lacks the fexibility and functionality of other programming languages. it's still a language nonetheless! See this post: There are currently no keywords or loops, but the intended purpose of AutoMathEdit is to replace the calculator for quick tasks. The standard windows calculator does not keep tabs on every number you type. This is one advantage of using AutoMathEdit instead of using a standard calculator. This is the first scripting language I have ever written and it was cert
  14. Hi there! I have been learning linear algebra in my university for months. The subject was rather hard, I did't understand it much so I sent a email to my teacher to ask him. But I realized that typing a matrix by text was extremely hard. I don't want to make a LaTex function, save to a file, attach it to the mail, bla bla bla!!! It's complicated! So I spent 2 hours yesterday to make this tool. Just type the number of lines and columns and matrix values, it will generate a quite nice matrix in ASCII characters Enjoy! Notes: It will rearrage your numbers to straight columns. 1
  15. Hi guys, i have a math question: $Widht = 70 $Height = 30 $GUI = GUICreate("Test", $Widht, $Height, 10, 10) $Label = GUICtrlCreateLabel("00:00", -1, -1, $Widht, $Height) GUICtrlSetFont($LabelClock, 20, 600) With font size 20 and the label/gui 70 * 30 it fit perfect, but if i want to make the font size bigger i need to change everytime the GUI size and the label size. How i can make the GUI/Label variable connected to the size of the font? Example i know Font size = 40 $Widht = 70*2 $Height = 30*2 But if i make the size 17 or 54? Hope is clear what is my goal. Thanks
  16. How to convert string that retrieved from inputbox into math equation. for example, if the user type a math equation like : 2x^2+3x-4 how to convert it into math equation so we can process the result?
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