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Found 9 results

  1. I was searching for a way to highlight zones (regions, provinces, counties, etc) on a map, and I don't need super precise maps so I wrote this script, based on picking up black and white maps (2 colors BW .png or .gif tested) and filling them with colors, writing down a sqlite database to associate zones with names (and other data as well), and reuse the map and the DB to display data, in my example reading a simple .txt file. It's all based on this thread and this other thread. So I have two modes: The Map "creation mode" : you provide a map image and you start to pick
  2. Hello everyone, To celebrate the recent new releases of AutoIt Beta with critical bug fixes for maps, I have decided to create a topic for the Experimental Maps UDF that I created a few years ago. It is strange how I never created a topic about it Here is the GitHub repository: https://github.com/TheDcoder/Experimental-Maps-UDF I think it has all the basic functions, here is the list of all the functions currently in the repository: ; #CURRENT# ===================================================================================================================== ; _Map_1
  3. Hi Trying this from autoit v3.3.14.5 and SCITE : help file , page "Language Reference - Variables" , sample autoit script about maps: Maps must be declared before use by defining their scope using the 'Global/Local/Static' keywords. Local $mControls[] So is my test script : only with this local declation. -check syntax is OK - running script : test.au3" (13) : ==> Variable subscript badly formatted.: Local $mControls[] Local $mControls[^ ERROR ->14:51:49 AutoIt3.exe ended.rc:1 any clue ?
  4. Hi All, A co-worker complained that the side keys on his mouse (back and forward) were getting in the way. This script allows you to disable/re-purpose those buttons. Have only tested with a Delux M618 mouse. Haven't tested under Windows 10. This is the standalone version of the script so it will look ugly. The (cleaner) version we're using has a bunch of server calls and auto-update checks. Please report any problems here; even if you fix them yourself. Learning curve etc. #include <Misc.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> #include <GuiComboBoxEx.au3
  5. Map feature would be really a nice thing in AutoIt as seen in the beta version. Will this functionality be taken up in a stable future release ? I do not ask when. I know the response ;-).
  6. Hello. I have a program that has used ADO database connection to return a query and then subsequently put the query results into an array using getrows. See snippet below: $constrim="DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER=xxx-xxxxx\CSC;DATABASE=xxxxxxxxx;uid=xxxxxxxxxx;pwd=xxxxxxxxxxxx;" $adCN = ObjCreate ("ADODB.Connection") ; <== Create SQL connection $adCN.Open ($constrim) ; local $sQuery = "select * from tbl_Apps"                     ; get all applications in the database local $oAppR
  7. Why idea why would I get an error (Autoit Beta Local $json[] Local $map[] $map['test'] = 'hello' Local $array[5] = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] $json["data"] = $map $json["data"]["arr"] = $array ConsoleWrite($json["data"]["arr"][0] & @CRLF)
  8. Hello! I was wonder if it OK for me to use datatypes other than strings & integers... I tested it and it works! But the help file states: (Beta Helpfile -> AutoIt -> Language Reference -> Variables) So yeah, will I able to continue using other datatypes normally even in the future releases of AutoIt? Thanks in Advance! TD
  9. Hi all, I need your help to learn how can I implement the data structure as described in the attachment Thanks!
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