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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everybody, i want to optimize my search code, because i don't think that my solution is "acceptable" from development perspective, it might be optimized. I have a text file, i read it and i copy all the entries to an Array, then i have to start a search to see if a specific entry is present. I have about ten different strings to search. Func FileSearch($file_content_array, $search) $j=0 For $i = 0 To UBound($file_content_array) - 1 $search_result=StringInStr($file_content_array[$i],$search) If $search_result<>0 Then ReDim $searchResultArray[UBound($searchResultArray) + 1] $searchResultArray [$j] = $file_content_array[$i] $j+=1 EndIf Next Return $searchResultArray EndFunc My solution would be ok for a single search, but in case of multiple searches? would it be still good? I have thought to use a 2D Array, where the first column is the array-item and the second column is "yes" or "no". But what about the searches? Do i have to use 10 times the function? In case of questions: I have to scan a directory and check whether some files are present or not and then write into another file:"yes, it is present", "no, it is not present". Thanks in advance
  2. Nothing amazing but I use it all the time, I'm surprised something similar hasn't been added to the standard StringReplace. I've never been any good at regular expressions, I'm sure if I was the whole example below could be done in one line But for the simple minded like me here you go Enjoy$BIOS = _StringMultiReplace(CleanWMIC("bios", "biosversion"), "(|)|{|}", "") Func _StringMultiReplace($zString, $zSearchString, $zReplaceString, $zDelimeter = "|") If $zString = "" OR $zSearchString = "" OR $zDelimeter = "" Then SetError(1) Return $zString EndIf $zArray = StringSplit($zSearchString, $zDelimeter) For $i = 1 to $zArray[0] $zString = StringReplace($zString, $zArray[$i], $zReplaceString) Next Return $zString EndFunc
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