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Found 2 results

  1. careca

    Beats Player

    Version 4.53


    Music player, supports most known filetypes and flac, with a low memory and processor usage, designed to be used in the traybar, drag-drop files/folders to listview, save and load playlists, 5 recent folders (stores last imported folders), playback available with media keys, 1 click in tray icon to hide/show, double click title bar to hide to tray, and much more. It was made for me, and my needs, but im open to sugestions. Modifier key: +Arrows Up/Down Change volume, +P Pause/Resume, Play from start if stopped, +S Stops playback, +R Restores window from tray +Arrows Left/Right Jump to previous/next track, +numbers 1,2,3.. being 1=10%, 2=20% etc and 0 being 100% volume of the player, (not numpad) (modifier key can be changed in the menu.) None of this would be possible without the help of the community! Coment or send PM for suggestions of improvement or issues you have. Thank ya'll.
  2. Hi ppl, this is a music player i've been working on, updates in the download page. EDIT: Full list of changes in the download page.
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