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Found 2 results

  1. #include <Array.au3> ; Script Start - Add your code below here Local $test = "<li>One<li>Inner<li>Innermost</li></li></li>" & _ "<li>Two</li> " $loob = StringRegExp($test, '\Q<li>\E(.*?)\Q</li>\E', 3) _ArrayDisplay($loob, "How to return the One... and Two?") Hello, can somebody help me: (1) How can I have the regexp matched the two outermost bullets? Such that: (2) How can I match the "Innermost" bullet? Thanks so much.
  2. You can now use your favorite html tags in a richedit control! Supports: <b></b> (bold) <i></i> (italic) <s></s> (strike) <u></u> (underline) <color=#nnnnnn></color> (color text) <color=0xnnnnn></color> (color text) <bkcolor=#nnnnnn></color> (color background text) <bkcolor=0xnnnnnn></color> (color background text) <font name="Font name" size=n></font> (Font name is the only one that has to have quotes around it. They can be double quotes or single, it doesn't matter. color, bkcolor, and size can also use quotes but they're optional) Does not support (but I may add later) <align> <a href=""> <img> ; Functions _GUICtrlRichEdit_AppendHtmlText _StringToRichEditArray __GetArrayFromRegex __GetRichEditAttrFromChar __GUICtrlRichEdit_AppendTextColored __GUICtrlRichEdit_SetTextColor (I'm sure someone can come up with some better names for this lol) You can use a formatted (<color=0xNNNNNN>Formatted</color>) or non-formatted (Non-formatted) string with calling _GUICtrlRichEdit_AppendHtmlText and _StringToRichEditArray. _StringToRichEditArray will just set the attributes, font name, font size, and colors to the current attributes of the RichEdit Control (At least it should... RichEdit can be picky about setting the font and char attributes correctly....). Calling _StringToRichEditArray will return a 2d array with n amount of rows. [n][0] - String [n][1] - Font name for the [0] string. [n][2] - Font size for the [0] string. [n][3] - Character attributes for the [0] string. [n][4] - Text color for the [0] string. [n][5] - Back color for the [0] string. It seems I was too hasty in my release and this still wasn't working 100% . I guess I'll try to work on it tomorrow and see if I can get it working the way tags are supposed to work. It's not a complete waste, it's close but not perfect and I know why. Formatted RichEdit Array V2.rar Html Richedit.rar
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