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Found 1 result

  1. An oldie but goodie, I was cleaning house and found this old snippet I made back in Apr 2013. It still has some utility, so I figured I'd share it. It runs netstat and populates the output into an array. Very Pretty simple. #include <Constants.au3> #include <Process.au3> #include <Array.au3> Local $aNetStatData = _NetStat_GetData() Local $sHeaders = _ArrayToString($aNetStatData,"|",0,0) _ArrayDelete($aNetStatData, 0) _ArrayDisplay($aNetStatData,"NetStat", "", 32, Default, $sHeaders) Func _NetStat_GetData($bAddProcessName = True) Local $aNetStatData = _NetStat_ProcessOutput(_NetStat_GetOutput()) If $bAddProcessName Then _NetStat_AddProcessName($aNetStatData) Return $aNetStatData EndFunc Func _NetStat_GetOutput() ;Run netstat CMD and get StdOut Local $sNetStatOutput = _RunCMD("netstat.exe -a -o -f") Return $sNetStatOutput EndFunc Func _NetStat_ProcessOutput($sNetStatOutput) ;Convert netstat StdOut to Array Local $arr = StringSplit(StringStripWS($sNetStatOutput,4),@CR) Local $aRecord Dim $aNetStatData[1][5]=[["Protocol","Local Address","Foreign Address","State","PID"]] ReDim $aNetStatData[$arr[0]-3][5] For $iX = 1 To UBound($aNetStatData)-1 $aRecord = StringSplit($arr[$iX+3]," ") If $aRecord[1]="TCP" Then For $iY = 0 to $aRecord[0]-1 $aNetStatData[$iX][$iY] = $aRecord[$iY+1] Next ElseIf $aRecord[1]="UDP" Then For $iY = 0 to $aRecord[0]-2 $aNetStatData[$iX][$iY] = $aRecord[$iY+1] Next $aNetStatData[$iX][4] = $aRecord[4] EndIf Next Return $aNetStatData EndFunc Func _NetStat_AddProcessName(ByRef $aNetStatData) ;Add processname to NetStat Array ;Create NetStat PID / Process Name Array Local $aPIDs = _ArrayUnique($aNetStatData,4,0,0,0) _ArrayColInsert($aPIDs,1) $aPIDs[0][1] = "Process Name" For $iX = 1 To UBound($aPIDs)-1 $aPIDs[$iX][1] = _ProcessGetName($aPIDs[$iX][0]) Next ;Add Process Names to NetStat Array _ArrayColInsert($aNetStatData,5) $aNetStatData[0][5] = "Process Name" For $iX = 1 to UBound($aNetStatData)-1 Local $sProcessName = $aPIDs[_ArraySearch($aPIDs, $aNetStatData[$iX][4])][1] If $sProcessName Then $aNetStatData[$iX][5] = $sProcessName Next EndFunc Func _RunCMD($sCMD) ;Run CMD and Return StdOut Local $iPID = Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & $sCMD, @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDERR_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD) Local $sStdOut While 1 $sStdOut &= StdoutRead($iPID) If @error Then ExitLoop WEnd Return $sStdOut EndFunc
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