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Found 6 results

  1. Im creating a code that will work in this sequence: 1. Copy the text (question) in one atea of the screen 2. Catch the 2 strings (number) 3. Multiply the 2 strings ( $1*$2) 4. Click the next area to put the answer 5. Paste the answer This is my code MouseClick($MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT, 479, 802, 3, 1) ;Clicking all of the text Send("^c") $x = StringRegExpReplace(ClipGet(), 'What is (\d*) x (\d*) \?$', "$1*$2") MouseClick($MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT, 480, 844, 1, 1) ClipPut($x) Send("^v") However the output is this $1
  2. I needed this library to continue working on one or two of my projects. Hopefully it will be of use to someone else too. These functions attempt to perform accurate calculations for the largest Int-64 values, testing for integer overflow and resorting to floats when results go out of range. This library is primarily intended to be used with Int-32 or Int-64 values and it offers no advantage whatsoever to pass floats as parameters. It only makes sense if you intend to perform accurate calculations on large Int-64 values. I know this can be done using strings too, but I prefer not to speculate a
  3. Hello! I have a "syntax error" but I can't understand where is it. Can you help me with this? There is two text files. I want to write three lines of the first file in each line of the second file. Then, if the first file has 600 lines, the second file should have 200 lines. I hope I have explained well what I want. #include <File.au3> Local $sFile1 $sFile1 = "File1.txt" Local $sFile2 $sFile2 = "File2.txt" Local $sThreeLinesIntoOne FileOpen($sFile1,0) FileOpen($sFile2,2) For $i In ( _FileCountLines($sFile1) / 3 ) For $a = ( ( $i - 1 ) * 3 ) + 1 ) To ( $i *
  4. I´m getting mixed up! What´s the difference between: While NOT Func1() AND Func2() and While NOT Func1() AND NOT Func2() ?? I´m using lots of these and it works find, but now that I´m rewriting my script I´m mixing things up and getting unsure.
  5. Hi ppl, got a problem with this, It's for a small project i have, it was sugested that i should include an error check, but now im stuck here, if i only use one string to compare, it works, so im wondering am im missing some operator for this? I could do multiple checks with each of them, but this way it would be simpler, what am i missing here? $LastKey1 = ClipGet() $string = StringRegExp($LastKey1, "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" Or "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" Or "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Or "HKEY_USERS" Or "HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG", 0) If $string = 0 Then MsgBox(4096, "Error", "Clipboard content is not a registry
  6. Hey, so after searching the Forums, Google, YouTube and Other Forums, I found ImageSearch! AnyBody Not Shure what ImageSearch is, it is a pixelsearch that looks for a image file in the ImageSearch.au3 directory and then Looks for it on the Screen Great Stuff ! Here is a Little Example where i Search for a .png #include <ImageSearch.au3> $x = 0 $y = 0 $res = _imagesearcharea("GreenYellow.png",1,340,150,940,512,$x,$y,100) If $res = 1 Then MouseMove($x,$y,100) Else MsgBox(0,"404","Not Found") EndIfJust a quick explain on what happens in the function _imagesearcharea: _imagesearcharea(
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