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Found 4 results

  1. This roundup of "virtual keyboards" (https://www.buttoncommander.com/en/input-devices/difference-between-hotkeyboard-devices-and-keyboard-devices/) inspired me to create this simple "LaunchPad" script. with this script you can easily create panels with buttons for starting programs, but not only, you can also associate macros, shortcuts, functions with the buttons ... In short, the $aTools 2D array contains the settings that determine the behavior of each "Button", namely 4 parameters for each row (for each button); [n][0] the tooltip of the button [n][1] path of an icon or a file con
  2. Often I need to create a panel to monitor a lot of things (users, files, items etc) so I use this piece of code to create a dynamic grid of buttons. The number of buttons is variable, and it's related to the size of the gui, the size of the buttons and the distance between buttons. Every "button" is a set of three with a real button stacked on the top of two labels, imagine reading a .CSV file or an array or a database and displaying all the things using the labels (Text and COLOR too) and clickin' on the relative button you can call further info on the item or call a particular func
  3. Hi Mate. Some times we need to launch a control panel item to users. So I Implemented an IOpenControlPanel Interface. It allows to launch control panel items easily. #include "ControlPanelConstants.au3" Global Const $sCLSID_OpenControlPanel = "{06622D85-6856-4460-8DE1-A81921B41C4B}" Global Const $sIID_IOpenControlPanel = "{D11AD862-66DE-4DF4-BF6C-1F5621996AF1}" Global Const $sTagIOpenControlPanel= "Open hresult(wstr;wstr;ptr);GetPath hresult(wstr;wstr;uint);GetCurrentView hresult(int*)" Local $oOpenControlPanel = ObjCreateInterface($sCLSID_O
  4. Hi, I was wondering why there is no panel control in autoit, this can be useful for moving/hidding more than one control at time. I have made some searches and I found nothing on it so I decided to create an UDF on it. In order to do that, It creates child GUIs and you can manage it as real controls (coord mode based on the parent GUI and not on the screen), so I have made it to be really easy in use like any other ctrl. Preview : Example : #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include "GUIPanel_UDF.au3" Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1) Global $sLogo4imgP
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