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Found 2 results

  1. Just wanted to share this for those of us that work with AutoItx3.dll with our Delphi apps. I hand coded the first header file from a C .h header file, but could only get about 60% of the routines to work (my fault, not autoit) I recently went back, and with many hours work and testing, finally came up with this. autoitx3.pas
  2. Hi, About 25 years ago I used to use (Turbo) Pascal about the sameway I use AutoIt now. Building little tools to make life easier. I remember, Turbo Pascal had data records, you could use with arrays and if memory serve me, you could even save en read the records to/from a file. See example at: http://pascal-programming.info/lesson11.php A Record is a datastructure with some variables in it, making it easy to manipulate. You could send or return a record to/from a function, so you don't have to work with global variables when you have to return multiple variabeles. You could read a bunch of recordsets as an array and just use MyArray [1].Name and MyArray[1].Surname, instead of MyArray[1][0] and MyArray[1][1] etc. making the source easier to read. My question, is something like records implemented into Autoit, is there somekind of UDF that will do the trick or is these feature somehow planned for the future? Regards, Jem. P.s. sorry for using the link, but I started explaining this record thing and found that the link eplainded it better than I could ever do!
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