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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am looking for programmer to program script in auto it... no problem to pay via paypal, please write me to dkonecny@centrum.cz
  2. The latest version of the GUI Programmer: Vesion Changes : 0.22) Bug fixed when loading Rule for modifying 0.23) Adds the ability to set a Counter to a fixed value so that the user can "reset" the value of a Counter 0.24) Bug fixed: used to add a space infront of the Counters in inputs causing problems to simulator Fixe the _check_syntax() function to accept 0 as value when output is a counter 0.25) - Prevent user entering a pin name containing the words "Virtual_Coil" or "Counter" because causes problems on the function _update_rule_combos_others() - Adds the autocomplete choise when apllying a new rule, which automatically creates another opposite rule For example: if a rule is * Pin_0 = HIGH ==> Pin_5 = HIGH * then the rule * Pin_0 = LOW ==> Pin_5 = LOW * will be automatically created 0.26) - Changed the generated code regarding Counters (each Counter will increase or dicrease only on input toggle) 0.27) - Show the Project name on the window title - Help is available under "Help-How to" 0.28) - The settings combos are disabled only if they have been used inside a Rule 0.29) - Adds the abbility to use an Output as Input (Further testing required) 0.30) - Bug fixed: Pin_A5 was not updated to the rule combos - New feature that enables user to compare 2 analog pins - Improve the generated code conserning the expression feature. (Use of the constrain() Arduino command to limit the values and not if...then) - Improve the generated code conserning analog inputs. (Map the values of AI to a range of 0-255 when reading the pin and not when writing the corresponting output. By doing the mapping at the begining there is no need to remap when comparison of analog pins) - Change the header(top line) of the saved project (This is done so older versions of Arduino Simulator(V0.06 and below) wont open projects with the comparison feature, because they can't handle the rules.) - Bug fixed: Wrong project name when "save as" 0.31) - Minor change in the order of the comparator when comparing analog pins (Division is the default selection) - Show tip text associated with the controls 0.32) - Prevent user entering a pin name containing the character "", because it is used as delimiter at the "Boole calc" function and may create problems. - Bug fixed: When the number of created rules where over 30 they didn't fit at the rule selection combo. Now a scrollbar appears if needed - Three new alternative ways to create rules are added: 1) Boolean Calculator: A calculator like GUI Window that allows the user to create Logical (Boolean) Expressions which are automatically transfered to Rules. 2) Boolean Truth Table (2 Inputs): A Truth Table ready for 2 inputs and 1 output. The entered data are automatically transfered to Rules. 3) Boolean Truth Table (custom Inputs): A generalized Truth Table able to handle more inputs (1-9) 0.33) - Add a space option along with the "AND" and "OR" options in the rule combos - Bug fixed: When the number of inputs is three and above then the opossite rules regarding Virtual Coils are also created. - Bug fixed: Changed the way that counts the open and closed parentheses in the _create_output_from_bool_expression function - When using Bool calculator, user can create an expression with an "Not" in the output to invert the output - Bug fixed: Button 13 on Bool Calculator was not functioning. (An empty label was overlaping) - Changed the symbols for "AND" , "OR" on boole calculator. Now the symbols are: AND -> "*" OR -> "+" - Remove the counters from the combos on bool functions 0.34 - Add the "Preview Truth Table" feature on the Bool Calculator - Some syntax check of the expression in the Bool Calculator - In the "Boolean Truth Table (Custom Inputs)" tool all the possible states of inputs are automatically created - Change the label showing the maximum number of inputs on the "Boolean Truth Table (Custom Inputs)" tool according to the daclared Digital Inputs - Add the "Fill Inputs" button on the "Boolean Truth Table (Custom Inputs)" tool, which automatically sets all the possible states of the inputs - Bug fixed: Program crash when rule was deleted twise - Add a Clear Rules option under the Clear Settings Button 0.35 - Use of a much better way to generate Rules when the "Boole's Calculator" or "Boole's Truth table" are used. The generated Rules and the Virtual Coils used are much less. Arduino Programmer V0.30.au3 Arduino Programmer V0.35.au3 The latest version of the Arduino pseudo simulator: Vesion Changes : 0.02) Counters increase (or dicrease) only when the triger input changes condition 0.03) Bug fixed: Counters were not increased (or dicreased) correctly when the same counter was declared in more than one rule 0.04) Display the type of each pin next to the pin 0.05) Create a list view which shows the rules of the project, so that the user can check on them when testing Show the name of the current project on the window title Bug fixed: Delete the labels that shows the pin state when a second project is opened When the project doesn't have any Rules, Display an error message The How to... under the help menu is active 0.06) Show the pin name next the pin 0.07) Corrections made to handle the new "Compare" feature 0.08) Show control tips when mouse hovers over them 0.09) User can view in real time the states and values of Virtual Coils and Counters Arduino Simulator V0.07.au3 Arduino Simulator V0.09.au3 And some simple examples: Examples.zip Looking forward for comments and recomentations. Thank you all very much
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