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Found 7 results

  1. (Google translator) This is the game selection menu, basically it accepts any file from any folder. Please like on github! Thank you! -snip-
  2. Welcome to Ailave, future programming project -------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's Ailave? Ailave is a suggestions-powered project that focuses in simplifying AutoIt / Au3 codes, Ailave is a code-shortener that will be equipped with lots of functions and constants that will make ur code shorter and more effective, you don't need to type thousands of lines of code to make a GUI or a function, Ailave does the hard work, you only tell him what to do. Ailave will include: *Lots of Functions that will make ur
  3. Hello AutoIT masters I am gonna start writing a fun little script to resize X amount of images with the Horizontal/Vertical aspects to 15/15 instead of the standard 100/100 I need to be able to do this with X amount of images and after changing the dimensions I need to save all the images in a path. so to keep things simple. 1: File open prompt 2: Choose X amount of images 3: Automatically choose 15/15 for all images 4: Save in path chosen by user 5: Might be more to come. 6: the faster the better! I am gonna start this project tomorrow, any help/references is h
  4. Project to search for binary data in three different ways using assembly language Three ways - Search for a binary - Search for a binary using the callback function - Search for a binary using the data structure Find very fast .. Greetings Project Files ASM_BinarySearch.zip ASM_BinarySearch.au3 #include <WinAPI.au3> Global $MsvcrtDll = _WinAPI_LoadLibrary( "msvcrt.dll" ) Global $Mmove = _WinAPI_GetProcAddress($MsvcrtDll,"memmove") Global $Malloc = _WinAPI_GetProcAddress($MsvcrtDll,"malloc") Global $FreeMemy = _WinAPI_GetProcAddress($MsvcrtDl
  5. Hello, I decided to start a new project of a web browser. I saw someone already did a good job but I figured out a TAB MANAGEMENT System The latest AutoIt Web Browser, ARMAND ICYBLUE The search section in autoit forums offered me the answer from my question: CAN YOU MAKE A WEB BROWSER IN AUTOIT? So, I started up a new source, trying to improve from the old but the good, Gecko Web Browser. But, here's my question: Can someone who knows that can improve the current version of my web browser, enter my team and work together at the project? Here's the website of the project: Armand IcyBlue
  6. New Release: (beta 2) 17/02/2012 Minor bug fix, see change log +: Add/Ajout, -: Remove/Retrait, *:Modified/Modifié, !: Corrected/Corrigé === Version: == First public version === Version: == +: First launch configuration - Search for AutoIt path - Set file associations - Select language according to the system - Ask for SciTE window adaptation +: It is now possible to deactivate the SciTE window adaptation +: Search functionality +: When a file is not found in the Projects/Workspaces history, it is deleted from the list *: File are now opened using SciTE Director
  7. Hello, iam interested in buying a autoit script. Please pm me your references. Iam a serious buyer, so i need a serious programmer. Dracil
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