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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. Been browsing around a little bit through the forum, my brain spinning with ideas that I'm planning out as im typing here, so if anyone thinks that I have not spent enough time searching for the answer in an archive somewhere, blame it on my excitement at getting back to my desktop before I forget wth I was going to do! I ve been taking my time with an application that Im writing, scrapping things as new ideas come. Cant explain why really, but ive always liked the idea of incorporating both batch and Autoit in my programs so that's been the case with everything ive done to date. Currently I'm trying to focus on finishing through to a final result, I guess you could call it a 'wysiwyg' html webpage and css creation utility. Its been run a hundred times or more and scrapped only to rewrite a few lines here and there due to my overactive brain matter. most of the code was done in batch . Interactive commandline, echoing tags and strings into files blah blah blah. The autoit portion comes as the Nice Gui interface with all the options for a webpage or css then once chosen the gui scribbles a couple of lines into a file where the batch code comes in, reads the file then executes predefined directives based on what was specified. My question I swear! I would really like to try out Autoit for the entire app from gathering the user specs to creation along with ini and maybe inf files. Is it possible for Autoit to read and execute from an .ini? Thanks] Sorry folks. Just scrolled down after posting and WAM, there by Golly were a bunch of 'related' topics on ini's! but Ill still take any new input/ideas thanks
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