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Found 3 results

  1. Inpired by a script by guinness, here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> he gave me an idea and i did another one for autodelete for some compiled scripts i dont want to execute out of his intended directory (privileges stuff). Thanks ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name .......: __AutoSelfDelete; Author: Zalomalo, inspired in guinness's _SelfRename. ; Description.: AutoDelete executing script because unauthorized bad conditions (bad finemame, wrong path, etc.). ; The purpose is it autodelete as fast as possible and force relog session after return this function, and exiting. ; Is assumed the script is running compiled (exe), and all conditions have been set before. ; Do no error comprobations since have no sense for this purposes. ; Parameters: $iDelay [optional] An integer value for the delay to wait (in seconds) before beging trying to delete the executable. ; Return values: Success - Returns the PID of the bat file. ; Failure - Returns 0 & sets @error to non-zero ; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Func __AutoSelfDelete($iDelay=1) If Not StringInStr(@ScriptName,'.exe',2) Then Return Local $sTmpBat=@TempDir &'\TmpFile.bat' While FileExists($sTmpBat) $sTmpBat=@TempDir &'\TmpFile'& Chr(Random(65,122,1)) &'.bat' WEnd Local Const $sTmpBatData='@ECHO OFF' &@CRLF _ & 'PING -n '& Int($iDelay) &' -w 1000>nul' &@CRLF _ & 'TASKKILL /PID '& @AutoItPID &' /F'&@CRLF _ ; The script must have been exited allready, just by the case & 'DEL /F /Q "'& @AutoItExe &'"' &@CRLF _ & 'DEL /F /Q "'& @TempDir &'\*.bat"' Local Const $hfBat=FileOpen($sTmpBat,2) FileWrite($hfBat,$sTmpBatData) FileClose($hfBat) Return Run($sTmpBat, @TempDir, @SW_HIDE) EndFunc ;==>__AutoSelfDelete
  2. How do you read the STDout stream from an already running process? I know you can launch a program via run() with flags to get the SDTout stream, but being able to change and re-run a script without needing to restart the running process would be very useful In this thread, it is suggested that one could use the GetStartupInfo methiod, but I'm not sure how to call it or what dll it's in '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Edit: Here is my attempt at changing it to autoit. I'm confused as to how you're supposed to specify what process you're trying to get the stream of, and am probably doing it wrong. $STARTUPINFO=DllStructCreate("" & _ "DWORD cb;" & _ "ptr lpReserved;" & _ "ptr lpDesktop;" & _ "ptr lpTitle;" & _ "DWORD dwX;" & _ "DWORD dwY;" & _ "DWORD dwXSize;" & _ "DWORD dwYSize;" & _ "DWORD dwXCountChars;" & _ "DWORD dwYCountChars;" & _ "DWORD dwFillAttribute;" & _ "DWORD dwFlags;" & _ "USHORT wShowWindow;" & _ "USHORT cbReserved2;" & _ "ptr lpReserved2;" & _ "HANDLE hStdInput;" & _ "HANDLE hStdOutput;" & _ "HANDLE hStdError;") DllCall("Kernel32.dll","none","GetStartupInfo","ptr",DllStructGetPtr($STARTUPINFO)) $handle = DllStructGetData($STARTUPINFO,"hStdOutput") #include <Constants.au3> Local $line While 1 $line = StdoutRead($handle) If @error Then ExitLoop if StringLen($line) > 3 Then ConsoleWrite($line) WEnd I appreciate any help
  3. Everytime when you start a program, its icon shows up in the taskbar, like in the picture: The 'Paint' and 'Excel' programs are running, so appears their icons in the Taskbar. If they aren't running,the taskbar is clean. How can I hide or make to dissapear the icon from another program that shows there ? I would appreciate any help !
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