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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I just made another TCP server. I will use the server for data collection and a lot of clients can get the data from TCP. I now use it for UDP broadcast some devices to get their IP's. You can also use it for chat's. It is very low level, but so you have more options than with the pure AutoIt functions. Just start the server in SciTE to see the console outputs. Then you can start up to 63 clients to talk to the server. I hope you like it. Server script: #include "socket_UDF.au3" ;funkey 2013.06.21 _WSAStartup() Global $iSocket Global $iReturn Global $iPort = 20500 Global $sIP_Conne
  2. I am working on a code of Client-Server Connection for a while (Like Teamviewer) , the problem is that the server keeps disconnecting and connecting all the time , In the client i wrote a code to notify me each time server is online , I am getting around 10 notifications each 1 minute from same server : This is the server code : TCPStartup() Local $ConnectedSocket Local $My_IP = "" Local $My_PORT = '5000' Local $UserID = "MyID" ; Connect Connect($My_IP, $My_PORT) While 1 If TCPConnect($My_IP, $My_PORT) <> -1 Then $r
  3. Hi guys, I've tried some difficults realizing a simple whois from whois.radb.net. I've tried to query "-i origin AS32934", the right way to retrieve all FB IPs (as developer page says) but I really don't understand what is wrong with my script: $ws = DllOpen("ws2_32.dll") TCPStartup() $ip = TCPNameToIP("whois.radb.net") $socket = TCPConnect($ip, 43) TCPSend($socket, "-i origin AS32934") Local $text While 1 $recv = TCPRecv($socket, 2048) If @error Then $aRet = DllCall($ws, "int", "WSAGetLastError") MsgBox(0,$recv,$aRet[0]) ExitLoop EndIf If $recv <> "" Then $text &= $r
  4. Hi everybody! I wanted to learn winsockets, and for this, I try to reproduce AutoIt's TCP functions. My code is working pretty good! I juste want somebody, an AutoIt dev, to look my code and tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or something need to be done differently. Another problem, is that when I close a socket on one side of a connection, the recv functions in the other side doesn't detect the close action! (like TCPRecv would return an @error) Thanks in advance! (I compile it with GCC 4x) Here is the code #ifndef WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN #endif #defin
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