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Found 5 results

  1. Func z009() If FileExists("search\009\009.au3") Then #include <search\009\009.au3> EndIf EndFunc This wont work... Is there any workarround for this or I should do it in a different way?
  2. can anyone help me plz how can you put mouseclick in if statement or is it possible example: if Mouseclick = "left" then Tooltip(" you click left mouse") thank you
  3. Okay guys, I have written a script which essentially runs once a week to copy files to a server. It also copies the files to a local directory. When I run in Autoit it works perfectly. When I compile and run I get the attached error. Any help would be appreciated. How should I debug this? I am not a programmer by the way but love Autoit as it has done so much for me.
  4. I'm getting the syntax error: "Statement cannot be just an expression." Here's the piece of code where it occurs: $Check = WinExists("MySQL Installer") If $Check <> "" Then WinClose("MySQL Installer") Else $Check = ControlGetHandle("", "&No", '[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:2]') If $Check <> "" Then ControlClick("", "&No", '[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:2]') Sleep(10000) WinClose("MySQL Installer") EndIf EndIfAnyone know why this error is occurring?
  5. I'm a bit ashamed of asking this but.... I can't figure out why a simple select statement which checks a variable which contains mouse coordinates doesn't work while used with a Select Statement, while it works with an If-Else conditional statement. Select statements always returns false or 0. This isn't working Func StartIt() If CanIStart() Then MsgBox(0, "jj", "Start " & CanIStart()) Else MsgBox(0, "Kk", "NoStart" & CanIStart()) EndIf EndFunc ;==>StartIt Func CanIStart() Select Case UBound($M1Pos)<1 Return Fal
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