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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, First time posting; please excuse my noobness as I am self-taught over a short period with very little programming experience. However, I am trying to create a simple program that retrieves college basketball scores from the web, puts them into an array and writes to excel. Ultimately I want to create an additional variable that would be a date range so the program can cycle through many pages and retrieve years worth of information at a time. For now, I am working on a single day. Here is where I am stuck: I want to use _StringBetween to isolate team names while consideri
  2. Hey guys, Need copy number from source there: < div class = "big-number ng-binding" ng - bind = "test.currentAnswer" > 2501 < /div > I did my code here: Local $Input = _IETagNameGetCollection($_HB, "div") For $i2 In $Input If $i2.classname == "big-number ng-binding" Then $Number = _StringBetween($Input, ' < div class = "big-number ng-binding" ng - bind = "test.currentAnswer" > ', ' < /div >') EndIf Next But it doesnt work and now I dont know how to copy thit string
  3. Why doesn't print the output?? #include <String.au3> Global $x = 'gdsgklj fsdl dasfgh fsfef ghterfsd kia gdfhgfgdsgklj fsdl dasfgh fsfef' $z = _StringBetween($x, 'fsdl', 'kia') ConsoleWrite($z & @CRLF) Shouldn't it be dasfgh fsfef ghterfsd instead of nothing?
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