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Found 21 results

  1. I make plugins for WordPress and am dissatisfied with the built-in editor. I'm now looking for a way to format the PHP code like TIDY does in AU3-Editor. I've already tried some online tools but they are buggy or have too few formatting options. Buggy: http://www.phpformatter.com/ Missing options: https://homepage-kosten.de/php_beautifier.php Here is the code to check if the beautifier is buggy: <?php /* Version: 2021.08.08#1 */ exit ( ' Version is: ' . chop ( substr ( file ( __FILE__ ) [ 2 ] , 9 , 13 ) ) ) ; /* Output from PHP Formatter: Format Error on li
  2. Is it possible to pass the path e.g. "c:\mypath\myscript.au3" to tidy.exe via the cmd line instead of using the OpenDialogue window? Sorry I couldn't find any reference to this in the help files Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\Tidy\tidy.exe /gen_doc")
  3. Hi to all, I have a Tidy unhandled exception, with a script I am working on. The Tidy.exe that give me the problem is the last downloadable version (file version 21.316.1639.1 , march 23 2021) I substituted with an older (and smaller..) Tidy.exe (version 19.102.1901.0 january 2 2019) and that works like a charm. I attached screenshot of the "error" and my (unfinished) code, but this code cause the exception. Cheers Recap: OK version 19.102.1901.0 january 2 2019 FAIL version 21.316.1639.1 , march 23 2021 (current stable) FAIL version 21.316.
  4. 1/02/2018: Uploaded a new SciTe4AutoIt3.exe v19.102.1901.0 installer. This version contains the bugfix release for SciTE 4.1.2. There has been a major update for Tidy allowing now inline comments without them being shifted to the left by default. See this thread for the total story about the new behavior and the added options ==> SciTE4AutoIt3 v19.102.1901.0 Enjoy, Jos Addition/Changes/Fixes in the current installer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-1-2019 *** Merged the SciTE v 4.1.2 by Neil H
  5. 7/8/2018: Uploaded a new SciTe4AutoIt3.exe v18.708.1148.0 installer. It has been over a year since the last update of the full SciTE4AutoIt3 installer whch mainly had to do with the fact that Neil was moving toward v4 of SciTE and I wanted to wait for a stable version. Any help with testing this version before general release is appreciated. Also any feedback is welcome in caseI missed something or suggestions for improvement before releasing. ==> SciTE4AutoIt3 v18.708.1148.0 Enjoy, Jos Addition/Changes/Fixes in the current installer: -------------------
  6. I am reaching out to you all to test this version of Tidy to see whether that works on your scripts and report back your finding. Changes in this version: Leave inline comments on the original position when the line is tidied, where possible. Handle None Breaking Spaces (NBS) for Ascii and UTF8 files: NBS characters within the leading & trailing whitespace and inside the code will be replaced by a regular space to allow tidy to properly tidy the code. NBS characters in a literal string will not be replaced as they are presumably there for a reason.
  7. Merged the SciTE 3.7.3 source into our version and several other changes and fixes to the supporting utilities. Enjoy, Jos Addition/Changes/Fixes in the current installer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24-2-2017 *** Merged the SciTE v 3.7.3 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos) *** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v17.224.935.0 (Jos)     - 16.612.1119.1 Fixed #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Stop_OnError=N, avoiding to stop even when No or not  specified.     - 16.612.1119.2 Fixed #AutoI
  8. Hello, Is there a way to change the backup pattern for Tidy ? Actually it goes by <Myfile>.au3 becomes <MyFile>_old<x>.au3. I would like it to be <Myfile>.au3 becomes <MyFile> v<x>.au3. Thanks. Gilles
  9. Text translated from Portuguese by google - please apologize for any errors After using the first 15 lines are replaced I'm using autoitdebug and made the new update installation of v3.3.14.2 autoit And Tidy AutoIt3 v2.3.0.8 Copyright (c) Jos van der Zande March 24, 2013 After using it incere 15 lines containing: e|_WinNet_GetUser|_WinNet_OpenEnum|_WinNet_RestoreConnection|_WinNet_UseConnection|_Word_Create|_Word_DocAdd|_Word_DocAttach|_Word_DocClose|_Word_DocExport|_Word_DocFind|_Word_DocFindReplace|_Word_DocGet|_Word_DocLinkAdd|_Word_DocLinkGet|_Word_DocOpen|_Word_DocPictureAdd|
  10. 11-3-2016: Uploaded a new SciTE4AutoIt3.exe. Merged the SciTE 3.6.2 source into our version and several other changes and fixes to the supporting utilities. Enjoy, Jos Addition/Changes/Fixes in the current installer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6-3-2016 *** Merged the SciTE v 3.6.2 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos) *** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v16.306.1237.0 (Jos) - 15.920.938.2 removed the check for utf8 for au3check as that is supported - 15.920.938.3 Reverted __ConsoleW
  11. I believe I have found a bug in the latest version of Tidy, which I have downloaded from the Scite4Autoit website. Tidying the following code If $a[1 - function('')] Then ElseIf $a[fucntion()] Then ElseIf $a[(0)] Then ElseIf $a[function() - 0] Then ElseIf $a[function(0)] = 1 Then EndIfwill erase the whitespace between the closing brackets and the then keyword whenever the last expression is a function. This also occurs on ElseIf lines, and results in this code: If $a[1 - function('')]Then ElseIf $a[function()]Then ElseIf $a[(0)]Then ElseIf $a[function() - 0] Then Els
  12. How would I go about adding the following to every function, after calling Tidy? Is it a hard process? I would want it to fill in: Name of the functionParameters Variable Names from the function, and put them in place - adding more parameter spaces as neededFill in the created date; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name ..........: $NameOfFunction ; Description ...: ; Syntax ........: ; Parameters ....: $Param_1 ; $Param_2 ; $Param_3 ; Return values .: ;
  13. Is there any limit in function name length for TIDY ? I want to sort functions in this UDF {attachment removed - quota cleanup} And I see that function named: _QPDF_Example_Commercial_1..... _QPDF_Example_Commercial_2..... _QPDF_Example_Commercial_3..... .... are not sorted correctly. mLipok
  14. REPRO: Func _test() $sdlugosc = '' $sDlugosc = 1 ; here ; Why after using TIDY the UPPER leter D is changed to LOWER letter D EndFunc ;==>_test HOW TO: Try to use Tidy in SciTE Watch on big letter "D" QUESTION: Why after using TIDY the UPPER leter D is changed to LOWER letter D ? Attachment: my test file EDIT: typo TEST_TIDY_lowercase_issue.au3
  15. 1/22/2014: re-Uploaded a new SciTE4AutoIt3.exe installer with the new SciTE v3.3.7 release. This version contains a version of AutoIt3Wrapper and SciTEConfig which are recompiled with AutoIt3 v to avoid te hardcrash with Athlon CPU's. There are a couple of major changes: - Updated our version of SciTE from 3.3.6 to 3.3.7 - AutoIt3Wrapper will now use "c:users<userName>AppdataLocalAutoit v3Aut2Exe" as Temp directory. - Updated syntax files. Enjoy, Jos Addition/Changes/Fixes in the current installer: ------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. ..so I got Notepad++ but was not working with the xml printing plugin, the online beautifiers would no work all the time, and I wanted like Tidy does with tabs so it looks nice in Scite to look at the code and make my own template for a script I'm working on....very frustrating and time consuming, so, I put this code together. I get in a 10th of a sec. the xml prettified vs. minutes and frustration. Anyway, how I use it is I drag and drop the word doc. ( saved in XML format ) to scite , copy to the clipboard ( ctrl-A, ctrl-C ) , switch to this code, press F5 and I'm happy If Not StringInSt
  17. I have been getting this error intermittently for some time now. What needs to be done to correct it? Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: tidy.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4b40b8c4 Fault Module Name: tidy.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 4b40b8c4 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00007da2 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: c7e4 Additional Information 2: c7e49971299fe8de6fe308282ae1b48
  18. Referring to: and /?do=embed#entry1102929'' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I would like to present AU3 Tools - Quick Updater : Global $URL_Scite = 'http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/download/beta_SciTE4AutoIt3/' _INET_DownloadIfNotEqual("AutoIt3Wrapper.exe") _INET_DownloadIfNotEqual("Obfuscator.exe") _INET_DownloadIfNotEqual("SciTE.exe") _INET_DownloadIfNotEqual("SciteConfig.exe") _INET_DownloadIfNotEqual("Tidy.exe") _INET_DownloadIfNotEqual("SciLexer.dll") Func _INET_DownloadIfNotEqual($fFileToDownlad) Local $fLocalDestination If _INET_CompareSize_IsEqual($fFi
  19. Today I had a problem with TIDY cause my script turns off TIIDY. After analyzing the problem solved here is the summary: This is a reproduction script. #Tidy_Parameters=/sort_funcs Func _test() Select Case 1 if $test = True $string = "" Then EndSelect EndFunc i know there is a issue if $test = True $string = "" Then it must be that #Tidy_Parameters=/sort_funcs Func _test() Select Case 1 if $test = True then $string = "" Endif EndSelect EndFunc but please try to TIDY this one: #Tidy_Parameters=/sort_funcs Func _test() Select
  20. How I see in http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/docs/Tidy.html There is an option that is enabled by default. I have to honestly say that I like it. Then I began to wonder: Is a similar functionality can be added to other functions available in AutoIT. Here is an example of what would be the result of my proposal. #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Func _Test_comment_1() ; comment example for Func and EndFunc Local $sString = "" If $sString > 0 Then ; comment using IF Then MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "Value is positive.") ElseIf $sString < 0 Then MsgBox($MB_
  21. I had a problem with the directive # region # endregion Here I present a brief example of malfunction TIDY (or at least I think) #region testing1 #endregion testing1 #region-testing2 #endregion testing1
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