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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm having a problem whit winwait on firefoxscreens whit the same title and text. On mine quest on this forum and internet I've found some work around and solutions. unfortunaly This wasn't working for me. I've tried searching tru winlist or finding some unique text but wasn't finding any solution. Does anyone know how to get the wright handle? I just want to move the browser to the right place in the end whit WinMove. thnx in advanced. #include <Array.au3> Global $A_URL[4][2] = _ [["url1" , "same_title"] , _ ["url2&quo
  2. Basically i am trying to make a script that detects if the currently active window is 1920 x 1080 or bigger. If it detects a window that is active, that is indeed that size. It will do some stuff. The problem i am having is that it is detecting my desktop whenever i click on my desktop, so it's doing stuff when i don't want it to. So all i need to know, is how can i do a simple check to see if a window = a title. Here is what i have so far $wintitledesktop = WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]") If not $wintitledesktop = "Program Manager" Then ;does stuff endif Prog
  3. ; ******************************************************* ; Example 5 - Create an array of object references to all current browser instances ; The first array element will contain the number of instances found ; ******************************************************* ; #include <IE.au3> Dim $aIE[1] $aIE[0] = 0 $i = 1 While 1 $oIE = _IEAttach ("", "instance", $i) If @error = $_IEStatus_NoMatch Then ExitLoop ReDim $aIE[$i + 1] $aIE[$i] = $oIE $aIE[0] = $i $i += 1 WEnd MsgBox(0, "Browsers Found", "Number of browser instances in the array: " & $aIE[0]) How can i modify this to show th
  4. Hi Guys. You've all been extremely helpful to me so far. Anyways, I was wondering if there was a way to get winActivate working without using the actual title of the application. The problem for me is that the application I'm trying to script has a title that is constantly changing to indicate which version of a project the user is using. This means, I can't rely on the title to activate the window. I tried using a control ID of the window, but that didn't seem to work...
  5. Ok, so this has probably been posted before, but I was looking through the MSDN library randomly just a bit ago, and decided to play around a bit with some of the console-related functions. AutoIt can make basic console applications to provide users with some basic output (which is generally more efficient than outputting to a GUI), but wouldn't it be cool to be able to name your console windows just like you can name your GUI windows? Instead of it being called "C:\Users\Foobar\Desktop\MyEchoServer.exe" for instance, you could make your program call itself just "My Echo Server" and such.
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