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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys! i want to write speedy and very fast code to check if chosen filename exists then add "-1" at end of it and if chosen filename exists again, add "-2" instead of "-1" and check filename until be unique. For Example: I have to write "Filename.txt" in C:\ directory with FileOpen then check if "Filename.txt" exists in that directory then rename chosen filename to "Filename-2.txt" and if exists again in directory, rename chosen filename to "Filename-3.txt" and do this work until to find unique number to add end of filename. ====================== SOLUTION by @
  2. The function _ArrayUnique in the Array UDF has some serious design flaws in it, not to mention it's incredibly slow. This is a rewrite of that function. Practically nothing from the original function has remained. This version... doesn't rely upon using _ArrayAdd, not using that shaved 4 seconds off when using this with a 4100+ row array. has extensive bounds checking on all parameters of the function, something the original didn't do at all. streamlines the error checking process so it returns quicker when something sent to it isn't set correctly, all done at the top of the function doesn'
  3. After some insightful input by kylomas in >this topic, I decided to make a general resusable function using the same ideas. It handles up to 24 arrays. Zero based arrays go in, and the target array is returned ByRef. Before passing arrays to this function, you need to delete element 0 if it contains the item count; and you need to use Ubound to get the new size of the target array after using the function. If processing large arrays it is a good idea to delete the arrays you no longer need after the concatenation. The function returns the number of removed duplicates. Set case sensitivity
  4. Hello i have made a text contains "1000 porn site" and most of sites are repeated, i wanted to read the file and search for repeated sites and delete them "but keep 1 " i just want to know how many sites have i collected cause i want to block them in my computer. is it possible? All helps are appreciated.
  5. Im experimenting something right now with UDF... From the hardware section, Is there any unique id, that "really unique" for that hardware it self? Simple question,, just curious thanx btw
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