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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. A couple week ago i've started learning API Interface for different websites. In this fact sometimes you have to encode your "photo" or "document.body" to send request. Functions to encode and decode Base64 was already created by others. Unfortunately i have troubles with running it on Windows R 2008, also speed was terrible. I try to find alternative way to code data. I've read about Microsoft "XMLDOM" and created a one simple function to Encode / Decode data to base64binary, base64url Thanks for Ghads on Wordpress i coverted a part of his lines from VBscript to AutoIT ;============================================================================================================================== ; Function: base64($vCode [, $bEncode = True [, $bUrl = False]]) ; ; Description: Decode or Encode $vData using Microsoft.XMLDOM to Base64Binary or Base64Url. ; IMPORTANT! Encoded base64url is without @LF after 72 lines. Some websites may require this. ; ; Parameter(s): $vData - string or integer | Data to encode or decode. ; $bEncode - boolean | True - encode, False - decode. ; $bUrl - boolean | True - output is will decoded or encoded using base64url shema. ; ; Return Value(s): On Success - Returns output data ; On Failure - Returns 1 - Failed to create object. ; ; Author (s): (Ghads on Wordpress.com), Ascer ;=============================================================================================================================== Func base64($vCode, $bEncode = True, $bUrl = False) Local $oDM = ObjCreate("Microsoft.XMLDOM") If Not IsObj($oDM) Then Return SetError(1, 0, 1) Local $oEL = $oDM.createElement("Tmp") $oEL.DataType = "bin.base64" If $bEncode then $oEL.NodeTypedValue = Binary($vCode) If Not $bUrl Then Return $oEL.Text Return StringReplace(StringReplace(StringReplace($oEL.Text, "+", "-"),"/", "_"), @LF, "") Else If $bUrl Then $vCode = StringReplace(StringReplace($vCode, "-", "+"), "_", "/") $oEL.Text = $vCode Return $oEL.NodeTypedValue EndIf EndFunc ;==>base64
  2. Hey, just wondering if anyone has ever encountered intermittent COM Object Errors with Microsoft.XMLDOM pulling node values. I'm currently getting "Bad Variable Type" intermittently, and simply running the script again would allow it to get further in the parsing loop, only to encounter the error again. The data is persistent, and it is always a string. Here's a snippet of where the error event occurs $Target = "Item001" $SearchItem = $oXML.SelectNodes("//Items/Name[. = """&$Target&"""]") If $SearchItem.Length==1 Then AddToLog("XML: Found a match for """&$Target&""", Gathering details...") $TargetItem = $SearchItem.Item(0).ParentNode $ItemSKU = XMLGetValue($TargetItem, "SKU") Endif and here's the snip of my XMLGetValue function where the error is always triggered on the $Value = ... Func XMLGetValue($Node="", $ValueName="", $NestLevel=0) ... If $Node.GetElementsByTagName($ValueName).Item(0).ChildNodes.Length==1 Then $Value = $Node.GetElementsByTagName(String($ValueName)).Item(0).ChildNodes(0).NodeValue Else ...Tell me there are more than one result for the target Endif ... EndFunc I added the string() as a counter measure but that doesnt fix the error. The XML file contains standard data with no attributes or anything funky. The weird thing is that if i reboot my workstation it might get all the way through, and then if i run it again it may burp some where throughout the loop process (For each item, get SKU, Add SKU to array, Do stuff with array contents afterwards). I have added sleep timers to my loops to try and pace the XML requests in case it was a sort of buffer underrun issue but im not certain whats going on. Again, i could run the script and it would work perfectly and then fail another time. I've read up about readyState, but i dont know how to incorporate it in my script. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. i have the following snippet... now its working but i have it inside a function and want to be able to use $aThumb[$i] outside the function in the rest of the script, i tried return and keep getting this error "Invalid keyword at the start of this line.:" Global $iRows = UBound($a, $UBOUND_ROWS) Global $iCols = UBound($a, $UBOUND_COLUMNS) $oID = $oID + 1 $oURL = $oString.selectSingleNode("./url") $oName = $oString.selectSingleNode("./name") $oCategory = $oString.selectSingleNode("./category") $oThumb = $oString.selectSingleNode("./image") $oLanguage = $oString.selectSingleNode("./language") $aThumb = [$iRows] _ArrayAdd($aThumb, $oThumb.text) For $i = 1 To UBound($aThumb) - 1 ConsoleWrite($oID & @TAB & $aThumb[$i] & @CRLF) Next Next ConsoleWrite( "rows: " & $iRows & @CRLF) Thanks for your help
  4. Hi All, I Am trying to update field in a xml file ("iTunesPrefs.xml" see attach) To do so, I try to use XMLDOM (link : ) So far I am unsuccesfull. Here is the code I came up to, and I am stuck. #Include <File.au3> #Include <Array.au3> #include "_XMLDomWrapper.au3" $DirInput =@TempDir $FileInput = "iTunesPrefs.xml" $sXmlFile =$DirInput & "\" & $FileInput $iOXml = _XMLFileOpen($sXmlFile) $XmlRootPath = "//plist/dict" Local $i_Nodes = _XMLGetNodeCount ( $XmlRootPath) msgbox(0,"","nb node = " & $i_Nodes) If $i_Nodes > 0 Then Local $sRet = _XMLGetChildNodes ( $XmlRootPath) $i_nodes=$sRet[0] msgbox(0,"","nb node = " & $i_Nodes) Local $nodeIndex, $key[$i_Nodes], $value[$i_nodes], $z If IsArray($sRet) Then _ArrayDisplay($sRet,"Node Names with _XMLGetChildNodes") $aArr = _XMLGetField ($XmlRootPath) _arraydisplay($aArr) For $nodeIndex = 1 To $sRet[0] $key[$nodeIndex - 1] = _RetFirst(_XMLGetField ($XmlRootPath & "[" & $nodeIndex & "]")) $value[$nodeIndex - 1] = "<" &$sRet[$nodeIndex] & ">" & _RetFirst(_XMLGetField ($XmlRootPath & "[" & $nodeIndex & "]")) Next _ArrayDisplay($key, "Key") _ArrayDisplay($Value, "Value") EndIf EndIf Exit ;=============================================================================== ;Funcs ;=============================================================================== Func _RetFirst($aArray); return first item in an array If IsArray($aArray) Then if $aArray[0] >=1 then Return $aArray[1] Else Return $aArray[0] EndIf EndIf EndFunc ;==>_RetFirst I want to navigate thru each XML node and manipulate its Xml Tag Name and value. Especialy I want to update the Value of the Data field after the "<key>iTunes Library XML Location:1</key>" Can anyone give me some hints or advices ? I am lost. Regards. iTunesPrefs.xml
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