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Found 1 result

  1. NOTICE: As Yahoo has terminated Yahoo Chat, I am no longer maintaining this code. Thanks. This particular script provides many, many functions and definitions for working with Yahoo Cookies, Pager, Chat, CAPTCHA, etc. Current Version: YMSGLib 3.4 NOTE: Do not ask me for help with "Booters", Flooders, Bots, or anything to abuse other users. License: YMSGLib.au3 and the small include file for WinHTTP, WinHTTP_COM.au3, are licensed under WTFPL version 2 (alternative link), a GPL-compatible and FSF-approved license. The entire license can be viewed in either source file. If the 'wording' is not acceptable to this forum, I will gladly write a license just for this purpose. Downloads: YMSGLib.au3 WinHTTP_COM.au3 Optional Downloads: YMSGLib_INI.zip YMSGLib_Examples.zip Currently included Examples: Cookie Decoder (some results need verification) Simple Login and Console output for buddylist/packet data. Simple Chat Client (Pager Login/PM/Captcha/Chat/Roomlist support) *Simple Login/PM Pager Client (and HTTP Proxy example copy) *Simple Roomlist example Account Existence checker (* = Requested Script) Technical Requirements: Base64 Support: Base64.au3 (Author: Ward) (Needed for: Cookies, Auth16) (or alternatively _Base64.au3 by Mikeytown2/blindwig) MD5 Support: Crypt.au3 (Author: monoceres) (or alternatively MD5.au3 by Ward) (Needed for: Auth16) (or alternatively Hash#[DLL].au3 by Ward) (or alternatively MD5.au3 by SvenP/Frez Systems Ltd.) WinHTTP Support: WinHTTPRequest Object (Needed for: Token Login/ValidateFields Support) (WinHTTP_COM.au3 as supplied above) Data Object Support: ADODB.Stream Object (Needed for: Reading of WinHTTP Data) YMSGLib Updates: 2.1 - Validation/Status Check functions; LibRequire edit 2.2 - fixed a bug in _ValidateID 2.3 - moved textual information to YMSGLib.ini, Changed Calls to Executes, added (Packet|Status|Field|List)GetName functions. 2.4 - Added Visibility and Away State packet functions, added some documentation 2.5 - VerifyContact fixed; applicable pager packets updated with the destination-network parameter. ($iService) N/A - Small Include Filename Switcheroo. (Minorly Breaking) 2.6 - Information about the two bytes following the "ver" has been revealed - some ability has been added here, but this is also a script-breaking change. 2.7 - Many functions requiring HTTP now do not rely on WinHTTP; added some replacements to _YMSG_StripFormatting. 2.8 - Fixed a bug in HTTP transfers concerning binary data 2.9 - Added 3 types of ping packets 3.0 - Base32-int conversions and internal int-string functions (usable for Y64-ints) 3.1 - Mobile / SMS functions (thanks to Lost_Protocol, WickedCoder for information) 3.2 - URL arguments for PwToken and ValidateFields functions are now properly escaped. 3.3 - Additions and changes from observation of Yahoo Messenger 10 (see post) 3.4 - Captcha modifications Works Cited: Yahoo SMS Specification LibYahoo2 - YMSG9 The YahELite chat client. (through observation and analysis of activity) Observation and review of the source code for various chat clients (Gaim [now Pidgin], etc.) In-Depth Analysis of .... 6 Jan 2008. XSSed.com (Cookie Info) A Post-mortem of Yahoo! Account Security. (Cookie Info etc.) (More official source citations not available as YMSG is not an officially published protocol; some sources posted in subsequent replies) To Do: N - Rewrite MD5 and B64 functions to look decent (perhaps array/loop) T - Update the AuthResponse functions to allow status' other than 12 (Invisible) H - Update example scripts for compatibility H - Document all YMSGLib function return values H - Add Away-State and Visibility support to the Chat-Client example E - Verify the timestamp integer values in the cookie decoder H - Add full hierarchy processing for the buddylist structure. H - Change out the Chat Client Example's buddylist with something decent. E - Add BuddyIcon/Avatar upload support to YMSGLib B - Make all functions work perfectly with the new HTTP transfer functions (B; some functions require HTTPS) P - Add accept/deny buddy responses to YMSGLib and processing to the Chat Client P - Add cross-service support to VerifyContact, BuddyAdded, etc. * (B=Blocked by an issue/not possible, P=Pending testing, H=potential Headaches, T=subject to Time constraints, E=needs a working Example/documentation, N=None) /me falls asleep on keyboard Edit: Corrected written version number in post Edit: Corrected unterminated strikeout text
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